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Fire Safety

Solon offers a wide range of products for detection and safety against smoke, fire and Carbon Monoxide.

Cost effective solutions for mass installations with more targeted products for use in cases of hate crime and domestic violence.
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An image of Arson Pack

Arson Pack

Complete protection against arson attacks, ideal for victims of domestic abuse, hate crimes & anti social behaviour.

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An image of Blanking Letter Plate

Blanking Letter Plate

Low cost arson protection available in Brass or Satin, now with 6 holes for increased security.

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An image of Emergency Escape Ladder

Emergency Escape Ladder

Be prepared with the 13ft Emergency Escape Ladder suitable for 2 storey buildings.

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An image of Emergency Life hammer

Emergency Life hammer

A convenient item that should always be on hand in the event of emergency.

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An image of External Mailbox

External Mailbox

Protect property from arson attacks with this low cost solution available in black and white.

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An image of Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket

Convenient fire blanket that should be fitted in all fire risk areas as a precautionary measure.

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An image of Flaplock Locking Letter Plate

Flaplock Locking Letter Plate

Versatile solution to protect letterboxes from arson attacks. Lock up at night, unlock in the morning.

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An image of Gravity Lock for Wheelie Bin

Gravity Lock for Wheelie Bin

A lock to prevent wheelie bins from being targeted by vandals and arsonists. Lock is released automatically for refuse trucks.

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An image of Intumescent Strips

Intumescent Strips

Expands to act as an effective seal preventing fire & smoke penetration into a room.

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An image of Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Cost effective fire safety solution.

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An image of Mailguard Plus

Mailguard Plus

The Police Accredited Mailguard Plus protects against arson attacks and anti-social behaviour.

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An image of Mailsafe - Fire Protective Mailbox

Mailsafe - Fire Protective Mailbox

Protect yourself from arson attacks with the MailSafe® designed to contain and extinguish a mailbox fire in under 10 seconds.

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An image of Multi-Purpose 1kg Fire Extinguisher

Multi-Purpose 1kg Fire Extinguisher

Increase fire safety with this multi purpose fire extinguisher suitable for tackling a fires caused by a variety of materials.

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An image of Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

We supply both ionisation and optical smoke alarms. All of our alarms are BS certified and are battery operated with easy installation. Call today to discuss the best options for your needs.

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