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Bike & Vehicle Security

Solon offer a wide range of cost effective products ideal for generating awareness of theft and fraud prevention of bikes and vehicles within the community.

By employing such simple initiatives, your organisation can help to protect the local community from being victimised by such crimes.

We are always looking to offer products which provide real results and support current trends in crimes. Our Vehicle Crime Reduction Packs have been successful at reducing Sat-Nav theft by up to 69% within several communities. And, due to high demand, we have now introduced a catalytic convertor marking kit at a fantastic price.
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An image of Bike Marking Kit

Bike Marking Kit

Cheap alternative to bike marking. The pack aims to highlight the issue of bike theft and deter thieves from attempting to steal bikes in the community.

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An image of Bike Register

Bike Register

The Bike Register is the UK's leading bicycle marking and registration scheme.

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An image of Bike Seat Cover

Bike Seat Cover

A low cost bike security item to help encourage bike owners to mark their property with their details allowing the bike to be identified should it get stolen.

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An image of Bike Security Pack

Bike Security Pack

This cost effective kit is designed to deter bike theft and encourage property marking.

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An image of Bike Theft Prevention Pack

Bike Theft Prevention Pack

Pack aims to educate and deter bike theft incidents in the community. Pack contains a Bike Cable and Bike Marking Kit

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An image of Bike/Scooter Alarm

Bike/Scooter Alarm

A motion-detecting powerful siren alarm that helps prevent bike theft.

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An image of CREMARK Kit


A simple and effective system which permanently marks property with a silver or black permanent marker pen and then seals that mark with a specially formulated lacquer.

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An image of Catalytic Converter Marking Kit

Catalytic Converter Marking Kit

Revolutionary product which is designed to permanently mark a Catalytic Converter on a vehicle with an almost indestructible sticker and metal marking fluid.

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An image of Combination Bike Lock

Combination Bike Lock

Cost effective deterrent towards bike theft with fixed combination for keyless convenience.

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An image of Don't Bother Kit

Don't Bother Kit

An award winning product proven to reduce the theft of Sat-Nav equipment by 69% and general vehicle crime by 39%.

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An image of Integrated Padlock & Chain Set

Integrated Padlock & Chain Set

Rated Silver Sold Secure (for bicycles) padlock and chain, with a high security lock mechanism. Great value sold secure product.

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An image of Master Lock Gold Sold Secure U Bar Bike Lock

Master Lock Gold Sold Secure U Bar Bike Lock

This Gold Sold Secure Bike Lock has achieved the highest level of security awarded to any bike lock, at a fantastic price.

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An image of Neon Bike Lock

Neon Bike Lock

High visibility, cost effective deterrent against bike theft. Self coiling combination or keyed bike lock

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An image of Number Plate Security Kit

Number Plate Security Kit

Great value anti-tamper kits designed to prevent the theft of registration plates.

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An image of RetainaGuard Bike Marking / Registration Kit

RetainaGuard Bike Marking / Registration Kit

The RetainaGuard Bike Marking Kit allows users to mark and register their bikes.

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An image of Sat-Nav Windscreen Cloth

Sat-Nav Windscreen Cloth

Simple product used to wipe away the tell tale marks left by Sat-Nav equipment.

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An image of Simulated Alarm

Simulated Alarm

Cost effective vehicle theft deterrent giving a would be thief the impression that a high tech alarm system is in place

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An image of Sold Secure Bike Locks

Sold Secure Bike Locks

Fantastic range of Bronze Sold Secure bike locks with integrated padlock and chain. Available in three sizes.

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An image of U Lock Padlock Alarm

U Lock Padlock Alarm

The U Lock Padlock Alarm is  a great way to deter bicycle theft. When the lock is armed, it will release a siren when a shock or motion is detected.

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An image of Vehicle Air Fresheners

Vehicle Air Fresheners

A low cost theft deterrent, ideal for promotional giveaways.

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An image of Vehicle Crime Reduction Packs

Vehicle Crime Reduction Packs

A simple, cost effective pack proven to be successful in reducing vehicle crime.

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