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Student Safety & Security

The Home Office statistics show that 1 in 3 students become a victim of crime each year.

Staying safe is all about following a few basic guidelines.

Solon offer a wide range of solutions to keep students safe. We work in partnership with everyone associated with Universities and Colleges of higher and further education.

We specialise in putting together fresher welcome packs, student crime reduction packs and sourcing new and innovative products that promote good practice.
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An image of A5 Slider Bag - Student Exam Pencil Case

A5 Slider Bag - Student Exam Pencil Case

Handy clear A5 pencil case that's ideal for student exams.

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An image of Bag Hanger

Bag Hanger

Innovative product from Solon to keep bags 'In Sight, In Mind.' These stylish portable Bag Hangers are a great theft deterent and promote awareness of bag snatching.

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An image of Banner Pen

Banner Pen

Banner pens are a great way to get your message across and allow more room for text or images than an average pen.

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An image of Bar Runner

Bar Runner

Great marketing initiative to get your message right into the heart of the night time economy.

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An image of Beer Mats

Beer Mats

Ideal product to promote alcohol awareness in the whole community, including the owners of pubs & clubs.

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An image of Chelsea Clip

Chelsea Clip

Designed to be placed on the underside of tables, bars or on walls. Ensures there is a hook to hang bags from, keeping walk ways clear and away from thieves.

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An image of ICE Card

ICE Card

'In Case of Emergency' card allows users to keep essential medical and contact information in their wallets.

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An image of Laptop Security Kit

Laptop Security Kit

As the problem of laptop theft increases, be secure with the Laptop Security Kit providing a strong safety message to the community.

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An image of Phone Screen Wipe

Phone Screen Wipe

Ideal giveaway item helping to raise awareness of mobile phone theft.

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An image of Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Our Playing Cards have been very successful in creating fun out of educating and raising awareness of crimes. Personalised for your campaign.

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An image of Property Safe

Property Safe

This freestanding property safe is ideal to keep valuables safe and secure.

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An image of Student Dipping Pack

Student Dipping Pack

A pack designed to prevent dipping in student areas. Contains essential tools to raise awareness of bag theft and keep valuables 'In Sight, In Mind'.

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An image of Student Promotional Products

Student Promotional Products

Solon specialise in sourcing innovative and creative products which really make an impression to help get your message across effectively.

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An image of Student Property Marking Kit

Student Property Marking Kit

Protect students from property theft by encouraging property marking and theft awareness.

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An image of Trolley Coin

Trolley Coin

The trolley coin is a £1 substitute that can be used in trolleys or lockers. It can be branded with your logo or message.

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