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Purse & Bag Dipping

Purse and bag dipping is often seen in crowded areas, public transport and busy shopping halls.

Solon has sourced a great range of innovative purse and bag dipping products which are aimed at protecting valuable items and educating members of the public to keep items in sight, and in mind.

The items are designed to be ideal giveaway items to educate and raise awareness, keeping opportunist thieves away. Our popular Purse Bells are a fantastic giveaway and have been praised time and time again for their simplicity and effectiveness at combating bag dipping.
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An image of Bag Hanger

Bag Hanger

Innovative product from Solon to keep bags 'In Sight, In Mind.' These stylish portable Bag Hangers are a great theft deterent and promote awareness of bag snatching.

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An image of Carabiner Hook

Carabiner Hook

A quick and easy device which secures backpack, rucksack and handbag zippers to prevent bag dipping.

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An image of Chelsea Clip

Chelsea Clip

Designed to be placed on the underside of tables, bars or on walls. Ensures there is a hook to hang bags from, keeping walk ways clear and away from thieves.

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An image of Defender Heart Bag/Purse Alarm

Defender Heart Bag/Purse Alarm

Our popular Defender Heart Alarm - Now available as an attractive bag/purse alarm to help prevent bag snatching.

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An image of Defender Mini Bag/Purse Alarm

Defender Mini Bag/Purse Alarm

Cost effective product raising awareness of bag theft and educating the community to be aware of their personal belongings.

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An image of Phone Screen Wipe

Phone Screen Wipe

Ideal giveaway item helping to raise awareness of mobile phone theft.

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An image of Phone Security Cable

Phone Security Cable

The phone security cable is a great way to secure your phone and prevent phone theft.

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An image of Purse Dipping Bells (G-Clip)

Purse Dipping Bells (G-Clip)

Cost effective giveaway helping to raise awareness of purse theft and encourage personal safety.

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An image of Purse/Bag Dipping Pack

Purse/Bag Dipping Pack

Includes a range of innovative products to help deter opportunist thieves and raise awareness of bag snatching and dipping.

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An image of Secret Pocket

Secret Pocket

The Secret Pocket is a handy wallet that has been designed to be worn around the neck, under a jacket or clothing to ensure valuables are kept safe.

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An image of myBunjee


One mobile phone is stolen every 12 seconds in the UK. myBunjee can help prevent phone theft by allowing users to attach the phone to clothing or a bag via a coil.

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