Solon Security

Call us on 01352 762266


Do you sell products to the general public?

We are a wholesaler who supply products in bulk quantities at discounted prices. We offer great prices for small quantities on our sister webites. You can claim an extra 10% discount at the checkout by subscribing to our newsletter.

Why aren't all of your products priced?

Due to each order being unique we can't provide a static price on all of our products. Our unit prices vary depending on quantity. For an estimate please call us on 01352 762266 for a quote. Alternatively create your own personal log on using the link - Trade Access

Can I order by phone?

Of course! In fact, calling allows us chance to offer our feedback and advice before confirming an order.

Is there a physical catalogue?

Yes we publish a regular TRADE ONLY catalogue. To request one either call us on the above number, or email us at  (Remember to include your full name, a contact telephone number and the full address to which the catalogue would be sent).