Solon Security

Night Time Economy Pack

Binge drinking is a growing problem in the UK with Alcohol related incidents on the rise causing more than 800,000 people  to be admitted to hospital each year due to alcohol-related injuries and illnesses.

We have developed a range of products that promote staying safe on a night out and can include a lollypop, space blanket, 500ml bottle of water, pair of flip flops and associated campaign literature, which can all  be adjusted to suit your individual needs.

Solon's Alcohol Awareness packs have proven to be extremely popular and have been used in numerous Police Initiatives such as Operation Mistletoe directed by North Wales Police, which helped reduce alcohol related crime by 42% during the Christmas season. This is a smaller version of the pack which is designed to help reduce the damaging effects of binge drinking whilst offering value for money.

Many of the items included can be own branded with your organisations logo, details and community safety message to really address the issue personally.

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