Solon Security

Wireless Intercom & Telephone System


This Wireless Intercom & Telephone system allows users to have a 2 way conversation with a visitor to their home. Also used as a regular telephone.
When the doorbell rings the user can safely and conveniently answer it from within their home using the DECT telephone handset. Requires no wiring between the outdoor station and the indoor base station making it quick and easy to install and set-up.

Suitable for both residential and commercial use and has a long operating range of up to 300 metres between the telephone handset and the outdoor station (intercom/doorbell).
•Answer the door or the telephone from the same cordless digital telephone handset

•2 way communication between DECT phone and intercom

•Different ringtones identify doorbell/intercom activation or telephone call

•Intercom/doorbell (outdoor station)IP56 rated

•System can be extended by up to 4 handsets per outdoor station

•Optional door unlock module available

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