Solon Security

Remote CCTV System

The Remote CCTV System is a one camera kit that's easy to setup and offers a range of useful features.

The system can have up to 4 cameras (video resolution 656 x 488) recording onto the 7" monitor. The system is wireless, so there are no cables between the cameras and the monitor unit.

The Remote CCTV System saves files onto an SD card (max. 32GB not included) but files can also be accessed on iOS or Android mobile devices. The monitor can also save footage on an external hard drive (max 1TB).

The cameras can be set to record continuously, when motion is detected or at scheduled times. The monitor has an alarm feature which will trigger when motion is detected.

The cameras are weatherproof (IP66) and have a 200m open range and a 20m night vision range.

The monitor has a rechargeable lithium battery and can be removed from the docking station- when the camera is removed from the docking station, live streaming to smart phones is disabled.

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