Solon Security

Dakota Accessories

We offer three Dakota 2500 long range alert systems, each of these systems is compatible with the following additional accessories.

Dakota PR-2500 Portable Receiver - EL00163
The PR-2500 is a portable security receiver which acts like a pager for protecting your property. The PR-2500 receives and stores alerts for up to 4 different zones, with a convenient time and date stamp feature. The unit can receive signals up to 800m away from the transmitter making it ideal for both small and larger properties.

Dakota IR-2500 Wireless PIR Sensor - EL00165
The IR-2500 is a wireless PIR sensor that is for indoor or outdoor use. The unit can be wall mounted and detects movement up to 12m away. The unit is battery powered to allow it to be installed in any location and has is set with dip switches that cover up to 4 zones. The unit can signal a signal to the receiver up to 800m away.

Dakota DCR-2500 Receiver - EL00164
The DCR-2500 is the standard receiver for the 2500 range. It's fully wireless and is powered by a 12V DC transformer. It can receive a signal up to 800m away from the transmitter. The user can choose between four different tones which can be used with various transmitters to distinguish between different protected zones. The alarm features a 5 minute entry/exit delay to allow the user ample time to access the property.

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