Solon Security

Prikka Strips - Bulk Packed

The Prikka Strip range is an effective, low-cost intruder deterrent. These spiky strips are easily attached to the top of a garden wall, gate or fence, delivering maximum discomfort with minimum harm.

The strips can be screwed, nailed or glued on to deter intruders from climbing over. A legally-appropriate warning label is required. It is generally accepted that the warning signs should be displayed in such a way that a sign is visible from any angle of approach to the anti-climb barrier; this means more than one anti-intruder Warning Sign (sold separately) may be needed.

With a range of colours available, you can choose the Prikka strips to suit your needs, and they won't look obvious or out of place on your fence or garden wall.

Our Value Bulk Pack gives you enough strips to protect the whole perimeter of your home

Size: 500mm x 45mm


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