Solon Security

BS High Security Nightlatch (60mm)

The BS Security Nightlatch conforms to British Standard 3621:2007 (BS EN 12209), and meets tough criteria laid down by the insurance companies and the Police. The BS High Security Nightlatch features an integral cylinder pull which protects the cylinder from being drilled. The cylinder has well over 30,000 cut key variations. The Nightlatch comes with a 20mm bolt throw for greater security and strength. These products are ideal for glass panelled wooden doors, as they have been designed with an ergonomic internal lockable handle offering added security against a forced entry. The main lock
bolt 'automatically' deadlocks, this makes the use of a credit card to force entry virtually impossible. The bolt can also be held in the withdrawn position (only) with the use of the snib feature.

Comes in two sizes 40mm and 60mm with a variety of colours.

This product is Secured By Design.

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