Solon Security

Prikka Brick Strips

The Prikka Brick range is an effective, low-cost intruder deterrent. These spiky strips are easily attached to the top of a wall or fence, delivering maximum discomfort with minimum harm. The unique double-hinge design means you can easily fix the strips to angled and curved surfaces.

The strips can be screwed, nailed or glued on, and are approximately brick width so they fit perfectly on top of standard walls to deter intruders from climbing over. Legally-appropriate warning labels are also available.
Our Value Bulk Pack gives you enough strips to protect the whole perimeter of your home
  • Value bulk Packed: 72 Prikka Brick Strips (Warning Label sold separately)
  • Size: Each strip is 500mm long x 100mm wide (the width of a standard housebrick)
  • Colour: Brown 
  • Legal Notice: Signage must be in place to warn the public that prikka brick strips have been applied. Legal action can be taken against owners of premises where prikka brick strips have been applied, without the appropriate warning signs.

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