Solon Security


Lights up a room just like a real TV giving the impression someone is home.

Ingenious device to deter burglars, when you are away it keeps opportunist thieves at bay by simulating television light.

FakeTV uses a built-in computer to control super-bright LEDs to produce light of varying intensity and colour that light up a room just like a real television does.
From the outside, FakeTV is indistinguishable from a real television, test subjects were unable to tell if the light flickers they were seeing were from the FakeTV or a real television.

Mimics scene changes, camera pans, fades, flicks, swells, on-screen motion and more. FakeTV is constantly changing, completely unpredictable, and never repeats.
  • Featured in the '10 Best Security Gadgets'  in the Independent
  • Described by the Daily Mail as a "clever 'somebody's-in' device" in a feature called 'How to protect you home while you're away.'  
  • Also featured in the Times Online as a clever gadget for the security conscious.

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