Solon Security

Bag Hanger

The Solon Bag Hangers are a great way to promote awareness of bag snatching, to deter thieves and to keep trip hazards to a minimum.  The Bag Hanger sits on top of a table and you simply hang your bag on the hook underneath. The face always sits on top of the table promoting awareness with the logo ‘In Sight, In Mind’.
The Bag Hanger comes in a handy pouch to reduce scratching or damage and encourage the user to keep it with them at all times. It is portable and can be used in any area; its rubber underside means it leaves no trace or damage to the table top. The face can be removed to allow the user to personalise their Bag Hanger with their own image or design.
Ideal for:
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Pubs, Bars
  • Restaurants, Cafes
  • Workplace
  • Libraries
  • Anywhere you can hang a bag from!
The Bag Hanger face and pouch is easily own branded with your name, logo or personal safety message.

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