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  • Acorn Black Light Camera (6210)

    Acorn Black Light Camera (6210)

    The Acorn Covert Camera is ideal for use in remote locations as it requires no access to mains power but will operate on one set of batteries for up to 6 months (solar panel available to extend...

  • Acorn Wide Angle Lens 6310

    Acorn Wide Angle Lens 6310

    The ACORN 6 series are great for long term covert surveillance.The unit records 1080P HD quality video with audio, but can also take still images. The LCD screen is located underneath the unit for...

  • Acorn Accessories

    Acorn Accessories

    These accessories are compatible with both the genuine and decoy Acorn systems. The Acorn cameras can be installed with a metal protective case. For added security, a padlock or cables can be used to...

  • Decoy Acorn Camera

    The Decoy Acorn Camera looks identical to a standard Acorn camera. At a fraction of the cost of a fully operational battery camera, when deployed the Decoy Camera is indistinguishable from...