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Arson & Domestic Violence

  • Victim Support DV Kit

    Victim Support DV Kit

    A domestic violence kit including a range of alarms.  Includes:  • Defender MKA Torch • Defender Door Handle Alarm • Defender Window Shock Alarm • Defender Door Wedge Alarm    

  • Blanking Letter Plate Blanking Letter Plate

    Blanking Letter Plate

    The Blanking Letter Plate provides a low cost solution against arson attacks through letter boxes. When used with the External Mailbox, it is an ideal solution to protect homes from vandals, hate crimes and arson attacks for instant reassurance. Fits...

  • Defender Door Brace Defender Door Brace

    Defender Door Brace

    The Defender Door Brace is ideal for use in an emergency to help delay a forced break in, allowing the victim time to alert the police. It has an extra padded grip for stability on most surfaces. A simple but effective security measure adding piece of...

  • Quick Deployment Pack Quick Deployment Pack

    Quick Deployment Pack

    The Quick Deployment Pack is used to provide essential items to victims of domestic abuse. Items included in the pack are: Defender Door Brace, Defender Door Handle Alarm, Defender Door Wedge Alarm,  Defender Panic Alarm and a Defender Heart...

  • Smoke Alarms

    Smoke Alarms

    We supply both ionisation and optical smoke alarms. All of our alarms are BS certified and are battery operated with easy installation. Call today to discuss the best option for your needs. Optical AlarmsOptical alarms are more responsive to...

  • MailGUARD® Plus MailGUARD® Plus

    MailGUARD® Plus

    Protects homes and buildings from arson attack via the letter box without restricting the doors opening ability. It hangs neatly behind the letter box to contain and extinguish fires in under 10 seconds. Also available is the Mailguard Fire Protective...

  • Door Jammer DJ3 Door Jammer DJ3

    Door Jammer DJ3

    The new and improved Door Jammer is an innovative and unique product that provides added privacy and security quickly. The Door Jammer is a police accredited portable door security device. The Door Jammer fits under a door to quickly 'jam' it shut...

  • Security Sash Jammer  Kit Security Sash Jammer  Kit

    Security Sash Jammer Kit

    Product Details The Security Sash Jammer Kit is a simple, effective and versatile way to boost the security of your entry points. The device is designed to 'jam' an opening to its frame, meaning access is restricted. This UPVC jammer can be used...

  • Emergency Fire Tools

    Emergency Fire Tools

    Solon have sourced a range of products that help people feel safe should there be a fire. Fire BlanketExtra strength blanket manufactured from Kevlar thread for durability and resilience. 1m x 1m, fast release tabs, BS EN 1869:1997 Emergency Life...

  • Yale® Locking Letter Plate

    Yale® Locking Letter Plate

    The Yale PVCu Letter Plate Restrictor is suitable for wooden, PVCu & composite doors and is compatible with most letterboxes. Simple to fit, the Letter Plate Restrictor restricts the opening of the letter plate. The restrictor is adjustable to allow...

  • Covert DV  & DA Solutions

    Covert DV & DA Solutions

    We have a wide range of covert solutions to support victims of Domestic Abuse and Violence. To maintain discretion, we have decided not to publish our range. Please call us to discuss any requirements you may have.

  • Flaplock™ Locking Letter Plate

    Flaplock™ Locking Letter Plate

    The Flaplock™ is a secure, internal locking plate that provides a versatile solution to arson attacks and ASB. The simple operation means the letter box can be unlocked for post in the mornings and locked at night when anti-social behaviour is at...

  • External Mailbox

    External Mailbox

    An External Mailbox provides a cost effective, secure alternative to protecting a home or building from an arson attack. The Mailbox is a durable steel construction and is lockable to prevent the theft of mail (2 keys included). Ideal to be used in...

  • Covert CCTV

    Covert CCTV

    We have a range of covert CCTV systems available, to maintain discretion we have decided not to publish our range. Please call us to discuss any requirements you may have.

  • Emergency Life Hammer Emergency Life Hammer

    Emergency Life Hammer

    The Emergency Hammers hardened carbon steel striking point will break through most materials such as double glazing, laminated or toughened glass enabling users to break free. Dual purpose hammer and seat belt cutter. The hammer is lightweight and has a...

  • PIR Home Security System PIR Home Security System

    PIR Home Security System

    This alarm can either alert you when an intruder is detected or provide a welcome chime when visitors are approaching. This system can have up to 10 PIR sensors triggering 1 alarm unit.  The sensor is fully adjustable so it can be used to cover a...