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Bike & Vehicle Security

  • Club® Utility Lock

    Club® Utility Lock

    Adjustable multi-functional steel utility lock for securing both indoor and outdoor items, including patio doors.Also suitable for securing bikes, ATV's, ladders, gates, trailers etc. • Can withstand up to 680kg of pressure • Bright...

  • Deluxe Bike Security Pack

    This pack contains an extensive range of theft deterrents and bike security.  • Padlock Alarm• Bike Security Pack (OT00679)• Coiled Steel Cable

  • Bike Seat Cover

    Bike Seat Cover

    A low cost bike security item to help encourage bike owners to mark their bikes with their details in case the bike is stolen. It also helps to deter thieves and acts as a handy accessory to protect bike seats from the rain.

  • Car Crime Pack

    Car Crime Pack is our most cost effective car crime prevention pack. Pack includes : • Ice Scraper• Air Freshener • Don't Bother Kit • Windscreen Cloth • Packed in a Clip Close Bag

  • Master Lock Gold Sold Secure U Bar Lock (280mm)

    The Master Lock Gold Sold Secure U Bar Lock is available in a variety of colours. • Hardened steel U Bar Lock • Insurance approved: Gold Sold Secure • Master Lock security level 10. •280mm height, 110mm clearance, 13mm diameter

  • Steel Cables

    Steel cables are ideal for use with a D lock to provide maximum security for a bike. The Steel Cable can be looped through the tyre and frame and then secured with a D lock. Steel cables can also be used to secure bins, tools, gates and garden furniture...

  • Master Lock U Bar Lock

    Master Lock U Bar Lock

    Convenient and cost effective U Bar Bike Lock acts as a deterrent to bike theft. • Small and compact • 200 x 100 x 12mm• 624g with bracket, easy to carry and use • Master Lock security level 5

  • Vehicle Crime Packs

    The Vehicle Crime Packs were developed to help reduce vehicle crime. Standard Pack: • Don't Bother Kit • Vehicle Air Freshener• Windscreen Cloth • Packed in a Standard Clip Close Bag Superior Pack also includes: • Number Plate...

  • Bike Security Pack

    A low cost pack designed to deter bike theft and encourage property marking. Pack includes:• UV Marker Pen • Waterproof Laminate Labels • Warning Stickers • Bike Seat Cover • Pack in a Standard Clip Close Bag

  • Windscreen Cloth

    A small cloth designed to wipe away the ring left on the windscreen after using sat-navs or phone holders .

  • Bike/Scooter Alarm

    Detects movement and sounds a powerful 130dBs alarm when activated. Armed and disarmed using a key. Battery operated (supplied). 

  • BikeRegister Bike Marking Kit

    BikeRegister Bike Marking Kit

    The BikeRegister® Bike Marking Kit permanently marks the frame of your bike with your unique BikeRegister ID. Additional benefits include a standard registration logbook, lifetime registration on the database and secur online access to your account...

  • Oxford Bike Locks

    • Hardened steel construction• Anti-pick design• Universal carry bracket• Comes with 3 keys• Vinyl coated to protect bicycle paintwork• 2 sizes available : 190 x 245mm / 190 x 320mm

  • Bike Marking Kit

    This kit is a great giveaway item that helps promote bike marking. Kit contains:• Permanent UV Marker Pen• A set of Waterproof Laminate Labels• A set of highly durable Warning Stickers• Packed in a clip close bag

  • Sterling Gold Sold Secure D Lock (210mm)

    • Double bolted mechanism• Hardened steel shackle and body • Lock and unlocks with a key • Protective keyhole cover• ABS plastic cover avoids scratching • Easy fit mounting bracket• Weather resistant • Gold Sold...

  • Master Lock Keyed Self Coiling Cables

    • 1.8m self coiling cable • Pin tumbler cylinder • Vinyl cover prevents from scratching  • Neon colours mixed in light blue, light green and light pink • Standard colours mixed in red, green and blue • Master Lock...

  • Retainaguard Bike Marking Kit

    The Retainaguard Bike Marking Kit will visibly and permanently mark bikes with a unique security code and a contact telephone number for the International Security Register (ISR). Owners details are recorded on the ISR. Laser cut ultra destruct labels...

  • CREMARK Bike Marking Kit

    The CREMARK Bike Marking Kit will permanently mark bikes using a silver or black permanent marker pen and can then be sealed with a coat of quick drying protective lacquer. One kit can be used on up to 30 bikes. 

  • Don't Bother Kit

    This kit carries a dual message helping to educate the vehicle owner to remove valuables, whilst it also tells a would be thief that valuables have been removed from the vehicle. The Don't Bother Kit comes with 1 x Stop No Valuables Permanent Window...

  • Bike Security Wrap

    A great way to ensure identity markings are non-removable as once the Bike Wrap is in place, it's almost impossible to remove and comes away in small shards. The information card helps the Police to identify the ownership of a bike if it is recovered.

  • Catalytic Converter Kit

    The Catalytic Converter Marking Kit is an ideal giveaway to raise awareness of this type of crime, and also to increase the chance of matching a stolen catalytic converter to the crime. The marking kit marks the metal shell of the converter...

  • Defender Number Plate Security Kit

    Defender Number Plate Security Kit

    The kits are designed to prevent thieves from removing vehicle number plates. Each kit includes a selection of anti-tamper screws for front and rear plates in a range of sizes that fit most vehicles. Also comes with security caps in a range of colours...

  • Anti-Tamper Screws & Caps

    We provide our Anti-Tamper Number Plate Screws in a range of sizes. All the screws come packed in 100 and can be purchased with security caps (available in 3 colours: white, yellow and black).