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Bike & Vehicle Security

  • Don't Bother Kit

    This kit carries a dual message helping to educate the vehicle owner to remove valuables, whilst it also tells a would be thief that valuables have been removed from the vehicle. The Don't Bother Kit comes with 1 x Stop No Valuables Permanent Window...

  • Bike Security Wrap

    A great way to ensure identity markings are non-removable as once the Bike Wrap is in place, it's almost impossible to remove and comes away in small shards. The information card helps the Police to identify the ownership of a bike if it is recovered.

  • Catalytic Converter Kit

    The Catalytic Converter Marking Kit is an ideal giveaway to raise awareness of this type of crime, and also to increase the chance of matching a stolen catalytic converter to the crime. The marking kit marks the metal shell of the converter...

  • Defender Number Plate Security Kit

    Defender Number Plate Security Kit

    The kits are designed to prevent thieves from removing vehicle number plates. Each kit includes a selection of anti-tamper screws for front and rear plates in a range of sizes that fit most vehicles. Also comes with security caps in a range of colours...

  • Anti-Tamper Screws & Caps

    We provide our Anti-Tamper Number Plate Screws in a range of sizes. All the screws come packed in 100 and can be purchased with security caps (available in 3 colours: white, yellow and black).