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Be Flood Aware

Be Flood Aware

6th Aug 2020

In this blog, we will look at the likelihood of a flood, the financial strains and the future of flooding.

The problem

Floods are the most widespread natural disaster, with devastating effects.

1 in 6 homes in the UK, around 5.2 million in total, are in areas where there is a significant risk of flooding. Around 2.4 million UK properties are at risk from river and coastal flooding each year. A further 2.8 million UK properties are susceptible to surface water flooding.


The UK spends around £4.4 billion on flood defence each year.

Flooding is estimated to result in annual damage of an estimated £1.1 billion each year – BBC. 


As a result of last winter’s widespread flood misery, costing insurers up to £160 million – ten times higher than the previous year. The topic has been forced up the government’s priority list.

Leading to new measures put in place for flooding, with £5.2 billion for flooding announced in the budget.

“The devastating impacts of last winter’s flooding were an important reminder of the need to continue to invest and accelerate action to reduce the impact of flooding” – Environmental Secretary, George Eustice.

The government has pleaded that by the end of 2022, all households in England that are in danger of flooding will receive an alert. They also include that their new plan aims to protect a third of a million properties in England up to 2027.

Flood defences protect not only people and private properties, but also vital amenities and public assets, including hospitals, the emergency services, schools etc. The disruption of flooding can potentially have a major effect on businesses and society. 


Check for flood warnings:

How we can help

  • Our hessian flood bags are a lightweight design, made for easy storage, transportation and distribution.
  • Designed to be deployed in advance of flooding.
  • 25 bags stacked per regular doorway is recommended.
  • Can be reused or disposed of safely.