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Domestic Violence Surge

Domestic Violence Surge

1st May 2020

In this blog, we will address the increase in domestic abuse risks since ‘lockdown’ began.

The problem

In light of the current national situation, The National Domestic Abuse helpline has seen a 25% increase in calls and online requests for help since 'lockdown' began.

Visits to the UK-wide National Domestic Abuse helpline website for information were 150% higher than during the last week in February. A surge in abuse-related searches could be a sign people are identifying themselves as victims for the first time – BBC News.

Campaigners warn that domestic violence has increased due to more people at risk as they are forced to stay indoors with their abusers. There are also fears that the restrictions have cut off escape routes.

The outcome

The Home Secretary stated that the current restrictions telling people to stay indoors, were even harder for people whose “home is not the safe haven it should be”. Warning abusers that they will not get away with their crimes.

Priti Patel warned that domestic abuse victims can leave home to seek help at refuges despite rules to stop coronavirus spreading.

BBC News shared that researchers at the Counting Dead Women Project told MPs 14 women and 2 children had been killed in the first three weeks of lockdown. This figure is the largest number of killings in a three-week period in over ten years, and more than double the average rate.

Male victims of abuse have also been calling for help in greater numbers, with the Men’s Advice Line seeing calls rise 35% in the first week of lockdown. 


Following the surge in domestic violence, the government has been called on to create a strategy for abuse during the pandemic.

The Home Office said it was increasing funding to support helplines and online services during the pandemic.

MPs have also called for more help to allow victims access support at times when they are unable to confide in regular friends and family members. MPs are also campaigning for “safe spaces”, where victims can seek help, to be rolled out in places such as supermarkets and other shops.

 How we can help?

In partnership with our Police and Charity customers we have developed a focused range of solutions, readily available to organisations that assist victims or high-risk properties.

If you need advice or a bespoke solution to protect those in your communities, please contact us to discuss.

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