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Don't Become a Student Statistic

Don't Become a Student Statistic

26th Aug 2020

In this blog, we will discuss the most important student security tips and the best products to keep students safe.

Students are at a greater risk of crime juxtaposed to other groups, due to their high-value possessions. Statistics reveal that one in six students fall victim to crime while at university – National Union of Students.

Safety and security should be at the forefront of students minds while at university. Below are the most important security concerns during university. Each crime type is followed with a security solution.

How to stay vigilant / getting secure

Statistics claim that the risk of a student experiencing crime in university is three times higher than the average person.

  • Personal alarms are vital for keeping students safe as they possess the ability to shock and disorientate an attacker.
  • CCTV signage provides additional security as it works as a visual deterrent.
  • Take precautions after dark, the Impact Personal Alarm Torch is a dual-purpose torch with a powerful siren, drawing attention to those in distress.

Bikes are a convenient and cheap method of getting to and from university, but unfortunately, bike theft is an ongoing issue. Over 90,000 bikes were reported stolen in 2018.

  • Make sure bikes are secure with a Sold Secure Lock.
  • To remain safe and avoid trouble with the law, all students who own a bicycle should have a white light displayed at the front of their bike and a red light on the rear. The Solon Pro USB Bike Light Set offer up to 15 hours operation for every full charge.

Personal Safety
Moving to large cities can expose students to tech-savvy thieves. Since the spending limit for contactless cards increased to £45, digital pick pocketers have a greater incentive in busy cities.

  • The Card Defender Diamond is a credit card sized RFID blocking solution that prevents sensitive information being skimmed.
  • Awareness tools such as Purse Bells inform the owner if a thief attempts to remove an item.
  • Secure backpacks and handbags with a Carabiner Hook, a physical and visual deterrent.

Alcohol Awareness
Drink spiking amongst students is a common issue, as they are often targeted to take advantage of. The figure of drinks that had been spiked in 2019 was at a five year high.

  • Check Your Drink is a drink spiking detection kits are available, testing for both GBH and Ketamine.
  • The Drink Spikey is a single use bottle stopper that helps protect drinks from being tampered.