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Drink Spiking

Drink Spiking

26th Feb 2020

In this blog, we'll look at the issues surrounding drink spiking and prevention methods. 

What is the purpose?

Drink spiking occurs to make the victim vulnerable for a variety of reasons, including theft or mugging, sexual assault and in some cases for entertainment, potentially with a view to planning a more serious incident. 


Females are not the sole targets of drink spiking, statistics state that men are also just as likely to be a victim. Although, data from BBC demonstrates that from 2015 to 2019, 72% of victims were female.

Great Manchester Police logged an increase of 178%, with up to 103 recordings in 2017, from 37 in 2015. 

Figures obtained by the BBC show that between 2015-2019, there were more than 2,600 drink-spiking incidents recorded. 

With evidence from international research, the locations below are the places with the highest prevalence of drink-spiking. 


Drink spiking has become a crime in which someone may go to prison for up to 10 years.

The Deputy Chief Constable of the National Police Chiefs Council mentioned as part of licensing requirements Police are working closely with pubs and clubs in order to train staff in recognising vulnerability and when a crime has occurred.

Devon and Cornwall Police are working with local venues to manage the growing issue of drink spiking, in the hope that more forces will follow.The police force is to offer drink and urine testing kits to bars, so individuals can ask staff to test their drinks at the bar and if anything shows up officers will provide a urine testing kit.

Lincolnshire is one of the first regions in England to have launched schemes that see pubs and clubs keep drink-spike test kits behind the bar, enabling staff to test drinks using a swab and get an instant result. 

Prevention methods

The Independent demonstrate that there should be a shift in the systemic response, the government should find it necessary to promote prevention campaigns that focus on the illegality and immorality of drink spiking, rather that shaming victims.

Universities and schools should continue to educate young adults about prevention methods and the severity of drink spiking.

How to prevent having your drink spike

 Buy or pour your own drinks
• Never leave your drink unattended 
• Do not accept a drink from someone you do not trust 
• Always keep your drink in your hand 
• Keep an eye on your friends 

How to help a spiking victim

• Get to a safe place 
• Stay with your friends 
• Call someone that you trust if you are alone 
• Inform the proprietor
• Visit a doctor for a drug test, certain traces of drugs can be detected up to 24 hours later 

How we can help

• Check Your Drink - Drink spiking detection kit, testing for both GBH and Ketamine. 
• Drink Spikey® - A single use bottle stopper which helps protect drinks. 
• Touch & Know Drug Testing
- Easy use drug testing kit, specifically designed for untrained use.