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  • Birmingham Bars

    Provides extra security by covering the internal door frame with a steel cover. Strengthens the hinge side of a door frame (or the lock side if only mortice locks are fitted). Resists chisel or jemmy attacks if fitted externally to an outward opening...

  • Door Scope

    Displays a 40mm clear image of who is at the door. Can be viewed at a distance and from an angle. Ideal for people with weaker eyesight or mobility limitations. 

  • Door Viewers

    Door Viewers

    Allows visual identification of callers, without the need to open the door. Different lengths available to suit most doors. ERA® - 15mm diameter 180° view ERA® Description  Box Quantity HA00125 Brass - to fit doors...

  • ERA® BS High Security Nightlatch

    Conforms to British Standard 3621:2007 (BS EN 12209) and meets tough criteria laid down by insurance companies and the Police. An internal lockable handle offers added security against forced entry. • The main lock bolt is 'automatically'...

  • ERA® Classic Handles

    Suitable for front and back doors. Independently sprung and designed to fit most multi point door locks fitted with a Euro cylinder. Lever-lever type. 92mm centre.    HA00548 Gold HA00546 White

  • ERA® Cylinder Accessories

    ERA® Cylinder Accessories

    Suitable for all ERA front door locks as well as other brands. Replacement Rim Cylinders supplied with two keys.  Escutcheon for Euro Cylinders HA00289 Brass Pair HA00290 Satin Pair     Replacement Rim...

  • ERA® Cylinder Pull

    The Cylinder Pull provides an easy way to close a door from the outside making sure the door is securely closed. Stylish design to compliment most cylinder door locks.

  • ERA® Door Bar Restrictors

    ERA® Door Bar Restrictors

    This easy to use bar means you can open a door part way and identify the caller before you let them in. It stops the door from being fully opened until you want it to be. It is a stronger alternative to a door chain. Ideal for wooden doors...

  • ERA® Double Locking Nightlatch

    Designed to replace most existing front door locks, ideally suited for solid and glass paneled wooden doors. • The main lock bolt is 'automatically' deadlocked preventing it from being retracted by a credit card • The bolt can be held in the...

  • ERA® Dual Screw

    Designed for most sash windows. A key operated locking pin secures the window. Each pack contains a pair of screws. 

  • ERA® Easi-Turn Handles

    The Easi-Turn Handle is ideal for the elderly, visually impaired and less able. For use with morticed security bolts instead of splined key.

  • ERA® Emergency Escape Kit

    Meets fire safety recommendations - provides keyless egress at all times. Also available in Satin. HA00280 Brass 2.5" Deadlock 6 Pin HA00298 Brass 3" Deadlock 6 Pin HA00281 Brass 2.5" Sashlock 6 Pin HA00299 Brass 3" Sashlock 6...

  • ERA® Emergency Escape Nightlatch

    This lock allows keyless exit in the event of a fire. A wider range of sizes and finishes available.  40mm   HA00244 Brass Body & Cylinder 60mm   HA00252 Brass Body & Cylinder HA00253 Chrome Body...

  • ERA® Euro Cylinders

    ERA® Euro Cylinders

    A wide range of sizes and finishes are available. Brass Double Euro Cylinder HA00318 30/30 5 Pin HA00320 30/35 5 Pin HA00322 30/40 5 Pin HA00325 30/50 5 Pin HA00506 35/35 5 Pin HA00360 35/35 6...

  • ERA® Euro Fortress Kit

    ERA® Euro Fortress Kit

    Also available in Satin. HA00287 Brass 2.5" Deadlock 6 Pin HA00304 Brass 3" Deadlock 6 Pin HA00291 Brass 2.5" Sashlock 6 Pin HA00305 Brass 3" Sashlock 6 Pin

  • ERA® Euro Pro-Fit

    ERA® Euro Pro-Fit

    Also available in Satin. Requires Euro Cylinder, Non BS. HA00276 Brass 2.5" Deadlock HA00294 Brass 3" Deadlock HA00277 Brass 2.5" Sashlock HA00295 Brass 3" Sashlock

  • ERA® Fortress 5 Lever

    ERA® Fortress 5 Lever

    Also available in Satin. HA00282 Brass 2.5" Deadlock HA00301 Brass 3" Deadlock HA00285 Brass 2.5" Sashlock HA00303 Brass 3" Sashlock

  • ERA® Fortress Classic

    ERA® Fortress Classic

    Also available in Satin. HA00278 Brass 2.5" Deadlock HA00296 Brass 3" Deadlock HA00279 Brass 2.5" Sashlock HA00297 Brass 3" Sashlock

  • ERA® Fortress Rebate

    ERA® Fortress Rebate

    Ensures secure closing of deadlock and sashlock. Also available in Satin.  HA00362 Brass 0.5" Deadlock HA00363 Brass 1" Deadlock HA00364 Brass 0.5" Sashlock HA00365 Brass 1" Sashlock

  • ERA® Fortress TS007 3* Cylinders

    ERA® Fortress Cylinder is a TS007 3 star Kitemarked Anti-Snap security product that offers excellent resistance to forced entry as it protects against known cylinder attack methods. Features: • Anti-Snap • Anti-Bump •...

  • ERA® Locking Sash Jammer Kit for PVCu

    The ERA Locking Sash Jammer Kit is a cost effective, high quality security product designed for use with PVCu doors and windows. This all in one, lockable kit provides everything you need for adding an extra layer of security to a UPVC window or door...

  • ERA® Locking Window Catch

    Holds the window tight up against the frame using a threaded peg. A locknut operates the catch. Suitable for most windows and some small doors. 

  • ERA® Metlock

    Suitable for most cockspur handles on metal windows. Uses a high tensile steel bolt to prevent the handle from moving. Key operated. 

  • ERA® Multi Purpose Bolts

    ERA® Multi Purpose Bolts

    Suitable for aluminium, wooden sliding and hinged doors. Ideal for patio and garage doors. • Rotating steel bolt • Fixing screws are concealed when in the locked position • Supplied with several steel receiving plates and a...

  • ERA® PVCu Snaplock

    ERA® PVCu Snaplock

    Easy to operate and install. Can be fitted to a window or door to provide excellent additional security, keyless or keyed available, non handed, fixings included.  Product Code Description Box Quantity HA00056 ERA® PVCu Snaplock...

  • ERA® Replacement Locks

    User-friendly, designed to replace most existing front door locks. • Deadlocking or non-deadlocking facility • Accidental locking is avoided by a bolt hold back facility on the body of the lock, rather than the handle • Easy-grip handle...

  • ERA® Sash Lock

    Provides a locking window stop to secure the window in the closed position using a standard security key. Steel construction, brass or satin finish.   Code Description Box Quantity HA00625 Brass 50 HA00051 Satin 50

  • ERA® Snaplock

    ERA® Snaplock

    A simple, hard-wearing lock that engages automatically when you close the window and is easily unlocked using the key. Simple and effective, manufactured from hard-wearing coated steel, suitable for wood or metal frames...

  • ERA® Swing Locks

    ERA® Swing Locks

    Fits most wooden and metal casement windows. The fixing screws are concealed when in the locked position. The locking action pulls the window tight into the frame reducing drafts and providing added security.  Code Description Box...

  • ERA® Thumbturn Euro Cylinders

    ERA® Thumbturn Euro Cylinders

    Controls access from one direction and easy access from the other in case of emergency. A wider range of sizes and finishes available.   Brass   HA00348 30/30 5 Pin HA00350 35/35 6 Pin HA00351 35/45 6...

  • ERA® Thumbturns

    Enables quick exit in emergencies, for use with morticed security bolts instead of a splined key.  Product Code Description  Box Quantity HA00137 Brass 10 HA00138 Satin 10

  • ERA® Tower Bolts & Padbolts

    ERA® Tower Bolts & Padbolts

    Basic security bolts provide cost effective extra security. The electro galv padlock can also be used with padlocks to give extra security.    Tower Bolt   HA00201 4" Black - 10 HA00202 6" Black -...

  • ERA® Traditional Door Locks

    Provides added security for either exterior or interior doors. Ideal replacement for existing front door locks. • Suitable for left or right handed operation • Works on both inward and outward opening doors • Catch button deadlocks latch...

  • ERA® Transom Lock

    Clamps the window stay to the fixed peg on a metal transom window. Fully removable to allow normal window opening. 

  • ERA® TS007 Euro Cylinders

    High quality TS007 Euro Double Cylinder lock. The new standard in PVCu door lock security. Offers maximum protection when used with TS007 handles. A wider range of sizes and finishes available.   Brass   HA00655 35/35 6...

  • ERA® Universal Pressbolts

    For use on all internal and external doors, windows, French windows and cupboards. • Press to lock and use the key to unlock • Laminated steel body • Includes a steel receiving plate for all types of door jambs • Resists hacksawing...

  • ERA® Window Bolt

    ERA® Window Bolt

    Fits most types of windows including casement, side hung, top hung and sash windows. Simply press the spring bolt to lock and use the key to unlock. Lugs conceal and protect the fixing screws. The rotating steel bolt resists hacksawing. White finish...

  • ERA® Window Restrictor

    The ERA® Window Restrictor is suitable for use on PVCu, timber and aluminium windows. It features a push to open cable lock that comes with a cut key for locking security. Available in a range of finishes. 

  • Frameguard

    Ideal to protect against 'kick in' forced attacks - fixed to the internal face of a door frame. Resists chisel or jemmy attacks if fitted externally to an outward opening door.  300 x 20 x 7mm White

  • Hinge Bolt Kits

    Hinge Bolt Kits

    Added security for external doors with exposed hinges. Helps prevent doors from being forced off their hinges. Made from hardened steel it resists hacksawing. Essential for all outward opening doors.  HA00128 ERA® Satin...

  • Jackloc® Window Restrictor

    Jackloc® Window Restrictor

    Jackloc Window Restrictors are a great way to ventilate a room without compromising security or child safety. Can be fitted to all types of windows and doors. 

  • Lock Guards

    Lock Guards

    The Sashlock and Deadlock Guards provide protection against kick in attacks and forced entry. Made of robust steel bolt through fittings.  HA00164 Sashlock White 240 x 75 x 3mm HA00161 Deadlock White 188 x 35 x...

  • Locking Handle

    Locking Handle

    A quick and easy target hardening device for PVCu windows. Replaces existing handle with one that is easy to lock/unlock with a key. 

  • Locking Hasp & Staple

    This versatile lock can be used in all areas of the home or workplace, such as doors, garden sheds, outhouses, storage units, lockers, gates and even tool boxes. The lock is an all-in-one cylinder lock with a hardened steel construction. The unit is...

  • Locking Security Sash Jammer Kit with Key

    Product Details The Locking Security Jammer is a cost effective, high quality security product designed for use with PVCu doors and windows. Using a simple pivot system the Security Jammer handle simply slots over the window or door...

  • London Bar

    Resists kicking, splitting and forcing of a door. D shaped contour fits over and secures the staple of a surface fitted Rim Lock or Cylinder Nightlatch. HA00151 1830 x 16mm White Universal Fitting HA00152 1830 x 20mm White Universal...

  • Master Lock® Black Vinyl Aluminium Padlock

    Master Lock® Black Vinyl Aluminium Padlock

    Features a hardened steel shackle, solid brass body with protective black vinyl cover. 40mm case, 6mm shackle diameter, various vertical clearances. Master Lock security level 5.   HA00646 21mm HA00645 38mm HA00191 51mm

  • Master Lock® Discus Padlock

    The shielded lock design minimises shackle exposure, making it more secure and less vulnerable to sawing and cutting. Double locking shackle, stainless steel body. 19mm shackle length, 10mm shackle diameter. Master Lock security level 6.