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Door Bolts & Padlocks

  • ERA® Tower Bolts & Padbolts

    ERA® Tower Bolts & Padbolts

    Basic security bolts provide cost effective extra security. The electro galv padlock can also be used with padlocks to give extra security.    Tower Bolt   HA00201 4" Black - 10 HA00202 6" Black -...

  • Locking Hasp & Staple

    This versatile lock can be used in all areas of the home or workplace, such as doors, garden sheds, outhouses, storage units, lockers, gates and even tool boxes. The lock is an all-in-one cylinder lock with a hardened steel construction. The unit is...

  • Master Lock® Black Vinyl Aluminium Padlock

    Master Lock® Black Vinyl Aluminium Padlock

    Features a hardened steel shackle, solid brass body with protective black vinyl cover. 40mm case, 6mm shackle diameter, various vertical clearances. Master Lock security level 5.   HA00646 21mm HA00645 38mm HA00191 51mm

  • Master Lock® Discus Padlock

    The shielded lock design minimises shackle exposure, making it more secure and less vulnerable to sawing and cutting. Double locking shackle, stainless steel body. 19mm shackle length, 10mm shackle diameter. Master Lock security level 6.

  • Master Lock® Excell Disc Lock

    Stainless steel body, octagonal boron alloy, shrouded shackle, double ball bearing locking. HA00649 - Master Lock security level 8HA00611 - Master Lock security level 9

  • Master Lock® Excell Laminated Padlocks

    Laminated steel case, stainless steel and zinc cover sleeve for weather resistance. Octagonal Boron Carbide shackle, dual ball bearing locking. Master Lock security level 8. HA00651 38mm HA00652 51mm

  • Master Lock® Padlock & Hasp Set

    110mm hasp, 40mm weather tough padlock, hardened wrought steel padlock eye and a hidden hinge pins. 40mm case, 7mm shackle diameter, 22mm vertical clearance. Master Lock security level 5.

  • Master Lock® Right Angle Eyes

    Steel padlock eyes with large diameter shackle hole. Can be mounted on gates or shed doors. Padlocks with shackle diameter of up to 13mm can be used with the eyes. Padlock not included. 

  • Master Lock® Weather Resistant Padlock

    Features a hardened steel shackle, dual locking levers, weather resistant plastic shackle cover, hi-tech thermoplastic shackle shell and dust cap. 40mm wide steel body, 25mm vertical clearance, 10mm shackle diameter. Master Lock security level 5.

  • Padlock Alarm

    Padlock Alarm

    Can be used as a normal padlock or alarmed allowing valuable items to be protected with alarmed security. Features include shock and movement sensor, powerful 110dBs siren, keyed operation, battery powered, weather resistant body, hardened steel shackle,...