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Door Locks & Handles

  • ERA® BS High Security Nightlatch

    Conforms to British Standard 3621:2007 (BS EN 12209) and meets tough criteria laid down by insurance companies and the Police. An internal lockable handle offers added security against forced entry. • The main lock bolt is 'automatically'...

  • ERA® Classic Handles

    Suitable for front and back doors. Independently sprung and designed to fit most multi point door locks fitted with a Euro cylinder. Lever-lever type. 92mm centre.    HA00548 Gold HA00546 White

  • ERA® Cylinder Accessories

    ERA® Cylinder Accessories

    Suitable for all ERA front door locks as well as other brands. Replacement Rim Cylinders supplied with two keys.  Escutcheon for Euro Cylinders HA00289 Brass Pair HA00290 Satin Pair     Replacement Rim...

  • ERA® Double Locking Nightlatch

    Designed to replace most existing front door locks, ideally suited for solid and glass paneled wooden doors. • The main lock bolt is 'automatically' deadlocked preventing it from being retracted by a credit card • The bolt can be held in the...

  • ERA® Emergency Escape Kit

    ERA® Emergency Escape Kit

    Meets fire safety recommendations - provides keyless egress at all times. Also available in Satin. HA00280 Brass 2.5" Deadlock 6 Pin HA00298 Brass 3" Deadlock 6 Pin HA00281 Brass 2.5" Sashlock 6 Pin HA00299 Brass 3" Sashlock 6...

  • ERA® Emergency Escape Nightlatch

    This lock allows keyless exit in the event of a fire. A wider range of sizes and finishes available.  40mm   HA00244 Brass Body & Cylinder 60mm   HA00252 Brass Body & Cylinder HA00253 Chrome Body...

  • ERA® Euro Cylinders

    ERA® Euro Cylinders

    A wide range of sizes and finishes are available. Brass Double Euro Cylinder HA00318 30/30 5 Pin HA00320 30/35 5 Pin HA00322 30/40 5 Pin HA00325 30/50 5 Pin HA00506 35/35 5 Pin HA00360 35/35 6...

  • ERA® Euro Fortress Kit

    ERA® Euro Fortress Kit

    Also available in Satin. HA00287 Brass 2.5" Deadlock 6 Pin HA00304 Brass 3" Deadlock 6 Pin HA00291 Brass 2.5" Sashlock 6 Pin HA00305 Brass 3" Sashlock 6 Pin

  • ERA® Euro Pro-Fit

    ERA® Euro Pro-Fit

    Also available in Satin. Requires Euro Cylinder, Non BS. HA00276 Brass 2.5" Deadlock HA00294 Brass 3" Deadlock HA00277 Brass 2.5" Sashlock HA00295 Brass 3" Sashlock

  • ERA® Fortress 5 Lever

    ERA® Fortress 5 Lever

    Also available in Satin. HA00282 Brass 2.5" Deadlock HA00301 Brass 3" Deadlock HA00285 Brass 2.5" Sashlock HA00303 Brass 3" Sashlock

  • ERA® Fortress Classic

    ERA® Fortress Classic

    Also available in Satin. HA00278 Brass 2.5" Deadlock HA00296 Brass 3" Deadlock HA00279 Brass 2.5" Sashlock HA00297 Brass 3" Sashlock

  • ERA® Fortress Rebate

    ERA® Fortress Rebate

    Ensures secure closing of deadlock and sashlock. Also available in Satin.  HA00362 Brass 0.5" Deadlock HA00363 Brass 1" Deadlock HA00364 Brass 0.5" Sashlock HA00365 Brass 1" Sashlock