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Door Security

  • Birmingham Bars

    Provides extra security by covering the internal door frame with a steel cover. Strengthens the hinge side of a door frame (or the lock side if only mortice locks are fitted). Resists chisel or jemmy attacks if fitted externally to an outward opening...

  • Door Scope

    Displays a 40mm clear image of who is at the door. Can be viewed at a distance and from an angle. Ideal for people with weaker eyesight or mobility limitations. 

  • Door Viewers

    Door Viewers

    Allows visual identification of callers, without the need to open the door. Different lengths available to suit most doors. ERA® - 15mm diameter 180° view ERA® Description  Box Quantity HA00125 Brass - to fit doors...

  • ERA® Cylinder Pull

    The Cylinder Pull provides an easy way to close a door from the outside making sure the door is securely closed. Stylish design to compliment most cylinder door locks.

  • ERA® Door Bar Restrictors

    ERA® Door Bar Restrictors

    This easy to use bar means you can open a door part way and identify the caller before you let them in. It stops the door from being fully opened until you want it to be. It is a stronger alternative to a door chain. Ideal for wooden doors...

  • ERA® Easi-Turn Handles

    The Easi-Turn Handle is ideal for the elderly, visually impaired and less able. For use with morticed security bolts instead of splined key.

  • ERA® Multi Purpose Bolts

    ERA® Multi Purpose Bolts

    Suitable for aluminium, wooden sliding and hinged doors. Ideal for patio and garage doors. • Rotating steel bolt • Fixing screws are concealed when in the locked position • Supplied with several steel receiving plates and a...

  • ERA® Thumbturns

    Enables quick exit in emergencies, for use with morticed security bolts instead of a splined key.  Product Code Description  Box Quantity HA00137 Brass 10 HA00138 Satin 10

  • ERA® Universal Pressbolts

    For use on all internal and external doors, windows, French windows and cupboards. • Press to lock and use the key to unlock • Laminated steel body • Includes a steel receiving plate for all types of door jambs • Resists hacksawing...

  • Frameguard

    Ideal to protect against 'kick in' forced attacks - fixed to the internal face of a door frame. Resists chisel or jemmy attacks if fitted externally to an outward opening door.  300 x 20 x 7mm White

  • Hinge Bolt Kits

    Hinge Bolt Kits

    Added security for external doors with exposed hinges. Helps prevent doors from being forced off their hinges. Made from hardened steel it resists hacksawing. Essential for all outward opening doors.  HA00128 ERA® Satin...

  • Lock Guards

    Lock Guards

    The Sashlock and Deadlock Guards provide protection against kick in attacks and forced entry. Made of robust steel bolt through fittings.  HA00164 Sashlock White 240 x 75 x 3mm HA00161 Deadlock White 188 x 35 x...

  • London Bar

    Resists kicking, splitting and forcing of a door. D shaped contour fits over and secures the staple of a surface fitted Rim Lock or Cylinder Nightlatch. HA00151 1830 x 16mm White Universal Fitting HA00152 1830 x 20mm White Universal...

  • Mortice Bolt & Keys

    Mortice Bolt & Keys

    Concealed extra security helps to prevent forced entry. The separate splined key locks and unlocks from one side only. Suitable for internal and external doors.  Yale®   HA00417 Brass (Excluding Key) -...

  • Multi Purpose Bolt

    Suitable for aluminium, wooden sliding and hinged doors. Ideal for patio and garage doors. • Rotating steel bolt • Fixing screws are concealed when in the locked position• Supplied with several steel receiving plates and a ferrule

  • Multi-Bolt

    Cost effective, multi-function bolt supplied with receiving plate ferrule and fixings. 

  • Patio Door Locks

    Provides physical security for all types of metal, wood and PVCu patio doors including sliding doors with tracks on the inside or outside. • All fixing screws are concealed when locked • Hardened steel bolt resists hacksawing • Press to...

  • Solon Slide Jammer - 2 Pack

    Solon Slide Jammer - 2 Pack

    The Solon Slide Jammer is a self adhesive ratchet with a removable jammer, designed to keep windows and doors in place. Withstands up to 150kg of pressure.

  • Traditional Door Chains

    Traditional Door Chains

    Offers visible security, allowing conversation but preventing access by unwelcome visitors. Includes fixing screws to suit PVCu and wood. Yale® Description  Box...

  • Visor Guards

    Visor Guards

    The Visor Guard is a simple, cost effective, stylish way to restrict the letter box and stop it from being used to gain unauthorised access.  Product Code Description  Box Quantity HA00144 Gold Anodised...

  • Defender Door Brace

    Defender Door Brace

    The Defender Door Brace is ideal for use in an emergency to help delay a forced break in, allowing the victim time to alert the police. It has an extra padded grip for stability on most surfaces. A simple but effective security measure adding piece of...

  • Patlock™ - Patio Door Lock

    Patlock™ - Patio Door Lock

    The Patlock™ is an easy-use, no hassle solution for providing added security to your double doors. The device attaches to your internal door handles quickly and easily, ratcheting them together to prevent access from the outside...

  • Door Jammer DJ3

    Door Jammer DJ3

    The new and improved Door Jammer is an innovative and unique product that provides added privacy and security quickly. The Door Jammer is a police accredited portable door security device. The Door Jammer fits under a door to quickly 'jam' it shut...

  • Solon Door Chain for PVCu Doors

    Solon Door Chain for PVCu Doors

    Unlike traditional door chains, this unit means that it can be fitted without the need for any drilling into the door frame. • Easy to use and install• No drilling into PVCu door- not affecting the manufacturer's warranty• Secured by...

  • Keycord

    Convenient key storage that enables easy exit through a locked door in an emergency. Now available with a belt and badge clip. • Easy to install• Allows quick exit in an emergency