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Window Security & Safety

  • ERA® Dual Screw

    ERA® Dual Screw

    Designed for most sash windows. A key operated locking pin secures the window. Each pack contains a pair of screws. 

  • ERA® Locking Sash Jammer Kit for PVCu

    ERA® Locking Sash Jammer Kit for PVCu

    The ERA Locking Sash Jammer Kit is a cost effective, high quality security product designed for use with PVCu doors and windows. This all in one, lockable kit provides everything you need for adding an extra layer of security to a UPVC window or door...

  • ERA® Locking Window Catch

    ERA® Locking Window Catch

    Holds the window tight up against the frame using a threaded peg. A locknut operates the catch. Suitable for most windows and some small doors. 

  • ERA® Metlock

    ERA® Metlock

    Suitable for most cockspur handles on metal windows. Uses a high tensile steel bolt to prevent the handle from moving. Key operated. 

  • ERA® PVCu Snaplock ERA® PVCu Snaplock

    ERA® PVCu Snaplock

    Easy to operate and install. Can be fitted to a window or door to provide excellent additional security, keyless or keyed available, non handed, fixings included.  Product Code Description Box Quantity HA00056 ERA® PVCu Snaplock...

  • ERA® Sash Lock

    ERA® Sash Lock

    Provides a locking window stop to secure the window in the closed position using a standard security key. Steel construction, brass or satin finish.   Code Description Box Quantity HA00625 Brass 50 HA00051 Satin 50

  • ERA® Snaplock ERA® Snaplock

    ERA® Snaplock

    A simple, hard-wearing lock that engages automatically when you close the window and is easily unlocked using the key. Simple and effective, manufactured from hard-wearing coated steel, suitable for wood or metal frames...

  • ERA® Swing Locks ERA® Swing Locks

    ERA® Swing Locks

    Fits most wooden and metal casement windows. The fixing screws are concealed when in the locked position. The locking action pulls the window tight into the frame reducing drafts and providing added security.  Code Description Box...

  • ERA® Transom Lock

    ERA® Transom Lock

    Clamps the window stay to the fixed peg on a metal transom window. Fully removable to allow normal window opening. 

  • ERA® Window Bolt ERA® Window Bolt

    ERA® Window Bolt

    Fits most types of windows including casement, side hung, top hung and sash windows. Simply press the spring bolt to lock and use the key to unlock. Lugs conceal and protect the fixing screws. The rotating steel bolt resists hacksawing. White finish...

  • ERA® Window Restrictor

    ERA® Window Restrictor

    The ERA® Window Restrictor is suitable for use on PVCu, timber and aluminium windows. It features a push to open cable lock that comes with a cut key for locking security. Available in a range of finishes. 

  • Jackloc® Window Restrictor Jackloc® Window Restrictor

    Jackloc® Window Restrictor

    Jackloc Window Restrictors are a great way to ventilate a room without compromising security or child safety. Can be fitted to all types of windows and doors. 

  • Locking Handle Locking Handle

    Locking Handle

    A quick and easy target hardening device for PVCu windows. Replaces existing handle with one that is easy to lock/unlock with a key. 

  • Penkid® Window Restrictor Penkid® Window Restrictor

    Penkid® Window Restrictor

    The Penkid® Window Restrictor was designed to keep children from falling out of windows. It can be used on most windows and doors including PVC, aluminium, wood and metal. The restrictor comes with a key and is lockable. 

  • Sash Jammer Sash Jammer

    Sash Jammer

    Easy to fit and operate, can be used on both windows and doors. The handle pivots and is locked over the frame. Excellent additional security when fitted to a door or window. Non-handed. A range of colours and options available.  Product...

  • Solon Slide Jammer - 2 Pack Solon Slide Jammer - 2 Pack

    Solon Slide Jammer - 2 Pack

    The Solon Slide Jammer is a self adhesive ratchet with a removable jammer, designed to keep windows and doors in place. Withstands up to 150kg of pressure.

  • Yale® 8K101 Window Locks Yale® 8K101 Window Locks

    Yale® 8K101 Window Locks

    Easy to install and offers a high level of security for most wooden and metal casement windows.  Code Description Box Quantity HA00074 White 50 HA00075 Brown 50 HA00077 Metal White 20 HA00078 PVCu...