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Home & Garden Security

  • ABUS Digital Door Viewer

    ABUS Digital Door Viewer

    With this substitute for a conventional door viewer, you can see who is standing at your door with the touch of a button, making it much more difficult for unwanted callers. • 105 degree viewing angle• Suitable for a door leaf thickness of...

  • Club® Utility Lock

    Club® Utility Lock

    Adjustable multi-functional steel utility lock for securing both indoor and outdoor items, including patio doors.Also suitable for securing bikes, ATV's, ladders, gates, trailers etc. • Can withstand up to 680kg of pressure • Bright...

  • Defender Door Wedge Alarm

    Defender Door Wedge Alarm

    When armed and positioned behind a door it will sound a powerful siren if someone attempts to open the door. • 120dBs siren• On/Off switch• 4 x LR44 batteries (included) 

  • Defender DX-500 Wireless Perimeter Kit

    Defender DX-500 Wireless Perimeter Kit

      The DX-500 is a long range detection kit designed to protect the perimeter of properties, ranging from residential areas to large commercial or industrial environments. The battery-powered, wireless nature of the kit means it is also suitable for...

  • Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob

    Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob

    The Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob is a simple, user-friendly indoor alarm unit, perfect for installing in important rooms or access locations. Armed and operated using either the key fob or buttons on the side of the alarm, the device produces a...

  • Defender Vibration & Access Alarm

    Defender Vibration & Access Alarm

    A battery-operated alarm that is triggered by shock sensor or magnetic contact. Designed for door and window security. Suitable for internal or external use.  • 140dBs siren • IP67 waterproof• Keypad activated with user...

  • Domestic Alert Alarm System

    Domestic Alert Alarm System

    Product DetailsThis alarm is a key fob operated wireless alarm system, activated by magnetic contact or panic button. With a pulsating 130dBs siren and an attention-grabbing strobe light, it is perfect for domestic deployment, providing early...

  • Essentials Window Vibration Alarm

    Essentials Window Vibration Alarm

    An easy to use alarm, designed to increase the safety of a property. When installed on a window, the alarm provides both a visual and an audible deterrent.  • 3 x LR44 batteries (included) • 85dBs sirenSelf adhesive sticker

  • Essentials Wireless Home Alert Kit

    Essentials Wireless Home Alert Kit

    Easy to install, out of the box set up. With a 80m operating range, the wireless sensors and contacts are pre-paired to the receiver.  • 3 x Door/Window contacts • 2 x PIRs with 5m range  • 1 x 5 Channel portable...

  • Gravity Lock

    Gravity Lock

    The Gravity Lock is a great way to protect bins from crime as it is designed to unlock automatically when emptied by a refuse truck. Once the bin is turned back upright the Gravity Lock will automatically re-lock itself. The lock can also be unlocked...

  • Secret Squirrel Safe Can

    The Secret Squirrel Safe Cans allow valuable items to be hidden out of sight in 'food cans'. Comes mixed in 'Carrot Soup', 'Chopped Tomatoes' and 'Peaches'. The Safe Cans are a great addition to a custom pack used to deter bogus callers.