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Home & Garden Security

  • Cactus Strips

    A low cost deterrent that delivers maximum discomfort with minimal harm. Each strip is 450mm long, 45mm wide and each cone is 17.5mm tall.• Available of metallic or brown• Easy to install (at least 6ft minimum)• Durable polypropylene design

  • Keycord

    Convenient key storage that enables easy exit through a locked door in an emergency. Now available with a belt and badge clip. • Easy to install• Allows quick exit in an emergency

  • Keypad PIR Autodialer

    Armed using the built in keypad, this powerful alarm will automatically dial up to 3 programmable telephone numbers and replay a user recorded 6 second message. • 4 x AAA batteries (supplied) • 125dBs siren• Silent alert function •...

  • Anti-Climb Paint

    Anti Climb Paint is a thick, slippery, non-drying coating which helps protect properties from intruders. The paint contains a hidden indicator chemical that can be identified later by the authorities. Available in a tin or aerosol spray can.

  • Door Chain Mirror

    Enables positive identification of a caller whilst using a door chain or door bar restrictor. Ideal for use when the door opening is against a wall restricting the view. Reinforces the 'Lock, Stop, Chain, Check' initiative to help reduce doorstep crime.

  • Key Fob PIR Autodialer

    Key Fob PIR Autodialer

    Armed using a key fob, this alarm will automatically dial up to 3 telephone numbers and replay a user recorded 6 second message. • 4 x AAA batteries (supplied) • 125dBS siren • Silent alert function • Entry/exit delay • 1 x Key...

  • Pinkgrip Adhesive

    Pinkgrip Adhesive is a fast, quick drying solution to fix Cactus Strips to any surface including fences, posts and walls.

  • ID Card Magnifiers

    Compact credit card sized magnifier to enlarge print on identification cards. Designed to encourage elderly or vulnerable people to check who is at the door and be wary of bogus callers. Available in yellow or silver, or printed with the Lock, Stop,...

  • Defender Mini Door Chime & Alarm

    Defender Mini Door Chime & Alarm

    Clever intruder alarm which uses a magnetic field to welcome visitors or to shock and deter intruders. Once the magnetic field breaks, the unit will sound either a welcoming chime or powerful 120+dBs alarm. • 4 x LR44 batteries (supplied)•...

  • PIR Home Security System

    PIR Home Security System

    This alarm can either alert you when an intruder is detected or provide a welcome chime when visitors are approaching. This system can have up to 10 PIR sensors triggering 1 alarm unit.  The sensor is fully adjustable so it can be used to cover a...

  • The Safe Range

    Opportunists, bogus callers and sneak-in burglars rely on “easy pickings” being left around. Who would think to look inside a genuine wax candle sitting on a shelf? A simple but effective solution to conceal small valuables.

  • Warning Signs/Stickers

    Warning Signs/Stickers

    These stickers and signs act as a visual warning to opportunist thieves that the home owner has taken precautions to secure their property. It also reminds owners to keep their valuables safe and secure and raises awareness of different types of theft...