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Home & Garden Security

  • Defender Magnetic Chime & Alarm

    Defender Magnetic Chime & Alarm

    Magnetic contact alarm which can be used to welcome visitors or to shock and deter intruders. Once the magnetic field breaks, the unit sounds either a welcoming chime or powerful 110dBs alarm. • 3 x LR44 batteries (supplied)• 110dBs siren

  • Defender Window Alert Alarm

    Defender Window Alert Alarm

    A device which sounds an alarm when an attempted break-in on a window or glass panel is detected. Low cost alarm with an impressive 110dBs siren, enough to deter and alert users of potential intruders. • 2 x AAA batteries (supplied)• 110dBs...

  • PIR Sensor with Plug Receiver

    PIR Sensor with Plug Receiver

    Simply install the PIR sensor outside a property and plug the receiver unit into a socket within the home. When motion is detected the plug will power the appliance that has been plugged in to the socket e.g. a lamp. This gives the impression that...

  • Defender Window Shock Alarm

    Defender Window Shock Alarm

    Uses a shock sensor to detect if an attempt to break a window or glass panel is made.  • 4 x LR44 batteries (supplied) • 110dBs siren • Self adhesive warning sticker  • Low battery indicator • High or low...

  • Defender Panic Alarm

    Defender Panic Alarm

    A bright red alarm to provide users a known fixed point in an emergency.  • 2 x AAA batteries (supplied) • 120dBs siren • Flashing LED (when armed) • Convenient on/off switch  • Ripcord activation

  • Defender Door Handle Alarm

    Defender Door Handle Alarm

    Sounds an impressive 125dBs siren as potential intruders try the door handle. Features a sensitivity adjustment and exit delay. • 3 x AAA batteries (supplied)• 125dBs siren• For use on metal door handles only

  • Defender MPZA - Multi Purpose Zone Alert

    Defender MPZA - Multi Purpose Zone Alert

    Innovative PIR sensor designed to help prevent sneak in burglaries, detect intruders and announce visitors. Ideal for use in a variety of places such as window sills, doorways and tabletops, as well as on the move due to the lightweight design...

  • Defender PIR Alarm with RF Key Fob

    A PIR alarm that is quickly armed and disarmed using a key fob. • Battery operated (2 x AA and 1 x A27) • 130dBs siren • 1 x Key Fob (learns up to 3 key fobs) • Swivel mounting bracket • Entry/exit delay 

  • Defender PIR Alarm

    A compact PIR intruder alarm with 4 digit keypad operation and 130dBs siren. Additional window or door protection provided by a plug-in external magnetic contact (2m cable) activation. Battery operated 3 x AAA supplied Swivel mounting...

  • Defender Shock/Contact Alarm

    Defender Shock/Contact Alarm

    The Defender Shock/Contact Alarm is a dual function 130dBs alarm. The alarm can be triggered when vibration is detected or when the magnets are separated. The solar panel powers the unit- it does not charge the batteries (3 x AAA). 

  • PIR Sensor Alarm

    PIR Sensor Alarm

    This alarm is battery operated with 2 x remote controllers (to arm and disarm the unit). The PIR sensor can detect movement up to 8m away and will sound a 105dBs siren. • 4 x AA and 4 x AG13 batteries (supplied)• 105dBs siren• 2 x remote...