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Doorstep Security

  • Essentials Wireless Home Alert Kit Essentials Wireless Home Alert Kit

    Essentials Wireless Home Alert Kit

    Easy to install, out of the box set up. With a 80m operating range, the wireless sensors and contacts are pre-paired to the receiver.  • 3 x Door/Window contacts • 2 x PIRs with 5m range  • 1 x 5 Channel portable...

  • Secret Squirrel Safe Can

    Secret Squirrel Safe Can

    The Secret Squirrel Safe Cans allow valuable items to be hidden out of sight in 'food cans'. Comes mixed in 'Carrot Soup', 'Chopped Tomatoes' and 'Peaches'. The Safe Cans are a great addition to a custom pack used to deter bogus callers.

  • Solon Memo Minder Solon Memo Minder

    Solon Memo Minder

    The Solon Memo Minder is a battery operated (4 x AA) wall mountable or free standing infrared device that senses movement and plays a personalised 20 second re-recordable message.  Can be utilised within the workplace as prompts or reminders for...

  • Doorstep Crime Pack

    Doorstep Crime Pack

    This pack reminds users to check the identification of callers before opening the door. Pack includes: • ID Card Magnifier • Door Chain Mirror • Letter Box Sticker • Defender Door Chain for PVCu Doors • Packed in a Clip...

  • Bogus Caller Pack

    Bogus Caller Pack

    A bogus caller pack encourages people to check the identification of doorstep callers and to keep valuable items stored away discreetly.   The packs are bespoke and can include items such as:  • ID Card Magnifier • Door Chain...

  • Solon Door Chain for PVCu Doors Solon Door Chain for PVCu Doors

    Solon Door Chain for PVCu Doors

    Unlike traditional door chains, this unit means that it can be fitted without the need for any drilling into the door frame. • Easy to use and install• No drilling into PVCu door- not affecting the manufacturer's warranty• Secured by...

  • Keycord


    Convenient key storage that enables easy exit through a locked door in an emergency. Now available with a belt and badge clip. • Easy to install• Allows quick exit in an emergency

  • Door Chain Mirror

    Door Chain Mirror

    Enables positive identification of a caller whilst using a door chain or door bar restrictor. Ideal for use when the door opening is against a wall restricting the view. Reinforces the 'Lock, Stop, Chain, Check' initiative to help reduce doorstep crime.

  • ID Card Magnifiers

    ID Card Magnifiers

    Compact credit card sized magnifier to enlarge print on identification cards. Designed to encourage elderly or vulnerable people to check who is at the door and be wary of bogus callers. Available in yellow or printed with the Lock, Stop, Chain, Check...

  • PIR Home Security System PIR Home Security System

    PIR Home Security System

    This alarm can either alert you when an intruder is detected or provide a welcome chime when visitors are approaching. This system can have up to 10 PIR sensors triggering 1 alarm unit.  The sensor is fully adjustable so it can be used to cover a...

  • The Safe Range

    The Safe Range

    Opportunists, bogus callers and sneak-in burglars rely on “easy pickings” being left around. Who would think to look inside a genuine wax candle sitting on a shelf? A simple but effective solution to conceal small valuables.

  • PIR Sensor with Plug Receiver PIR Sensor with Plug Receiver

    PIR Sensor with Plug Receiver

    Simply install the PIR sensor outside a property and plug the receiver unit into a socket within the home. When motion is detected the plug will power the appliance that has been plugged in to the socket e.g. a lamp. This gives the impression that...