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Outdoor Protection

  • Club® Utility Lock Club® Utility Lock

    Club® Utility Lock

    Adjustable multi-functional steel utility lock for securing both indoor and outdoor items, including patio doors.Also suitable for securing bikes, ATV's, ladders, gates, trailers etc. • Can withstand up to 680kg of pressure • Bright...

  • Defender Vibration & Access Alarm Defender Vibration & Access Alarm

    Defender Vibration & Access Alarm

    A battery-operated alarm that is triggered by shock sensor or magnetic contact. Designed for door and window security. Suitable for internal or external use.  • 140dBs siren • IP67 waterproof• Keypad activated with user...

  • Gravity Lock Gravity Lock

    Gravity Lock

    The Gravity Lock is a great way to protect bins from crime as it is designed to unlock automatically when emptied by a refuse truck. Once the bin is turned back upright the Gravity Lock will automatically re-lock itself. The lock can also be unlocked...

  • Shed Security Pack Shed Security Pack

    Shed Security Pack

    A pack that provides essential shed security items. Pack includes:• Warning Sign • 6" Padbolt• 40mm long shackle weather resistant padlock • Packed in a Standard Clip Close Bag

  • Squire Integrated Lock & Chain Set

    Squire Integrated Lock & Chain Set

    The Integrated Padlock & Cable is a high security bike cable. It has been rated Sold Secure Silver (for bicycles) which means it can withstand 3 minutes of attack testing with a wide array of tools.The Padlock and Chain Set is a great value chain...

  • Shed Security Eye Bolt Kit

    Shed Security Eye Bolt Kit

    The Shed Security Eye Bolt Kit provides a great way of securing your shed. Simply screw a pair of eye bolts into the shed door and the shed wall and loop a padlock through the eyes. • Two kits available, with or without padlock• Cost effective...

  • Coach Bolts Coach Bolts

    Coach Bolts

    Coach bolts secure the hinge, hasp and staple as it uses a nut and cannot easily be pulled away. • M6 x 50 zinc plated supplied with hex nuts• Recommend using at least 1 coach bolt per hinge • Simple, effective, low cost solution

  • Wheelie Bin Lock Wheelie Bin Lock

    Wheelie Bin Lock

    The Wheelie Bin Lock secures a wheelie bin to a wall using a chain and padlock. The chain goes through the handle and is secured to the anchor plate with a padlock.The Wheelie Bin Lock is made from heavy duty 3mm steel plate and comes with all fittings.

  • Cactus Strips

    Cactus Strips

    A low cost deterrent that delivers maximum discomfort with minimal harm. Each strip is 450mm long, 45mm wide and each cone is 17.5mm tall.• Available of metallic or brown• Easy to install (at least 6ft minimum)• Durable polypropylene design

  • Pinkgrip Adhesive

    Pinkgrip Adhesive

    Pinkgrip Adhesive is a fast, quick drying solution to fix Cactus Strips to any surface including fences, posts and walls.

  • Anti-Climb Paint

    Anti-Climb Paint

    Anti Climb Paint is a thick, slippery, non-drying coating which helps protect properties from intruders. The paint contains a hidden indicator chemical that can be identified later by the authorities. Available in a tin or aerosol spray can.

  • Warning Signs/Stickers Warning Signs/Stickers

    Warning Signs/Stickers

    These stickers and signs act as a visual warning to opportunist thieves that the home owner has taken precautions to secure their property. It also reminds owners to keep their valuables safe and secure and raises awareness of different types of theft...