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Housing & Welfare

  • Essentials Automatic LED Night Safety Light Essentials Automatic LED Night Safety Light

    Essentials Automatic LED Night Safety Light

    The Night Safety Lights are simple mains operated dusk and off at dawn. The lights are easy to operate, simply plug into the mains and ensure the switch is on. The lights have an automatic sensor that will turn the light on at dusk. Perfect night light...

  • Handrail Brackets Handrail Brackets

    Handrail Brackets

    The Solon Security range of Handrail Brackets has been designed in conjunction with our customers. The Brackets come in boxes of 10 and are available in white or zinc. All joints are fully welded. Each bracket is quality checked for dimensional accuracy...

  • Remote Control Sockets Remote Control Sockets

    Remote Control Sockets

    The Remote Control Sockets are a great assistive technology device that helps to reduce accidents in the home. The Remote Control Sockets are used to turn electrical sockets on and off with ease. A portable remote control enables the quick operation of...

  • Insulating Foam

    Insulating Foam

    A foam strip which seals gaps in door and window frames up to 5mm to prevent draughts and reduce energy loss in domestic or commercial properties. Self adhesive, returns back to its original shape after compression. 5m or 15m coil available, white finish...

  • Around Door Seal

    Around Door Seal

    Draught proofing strips to bridge the gap between the door and the frame. • Suitable for inward opening doors • BS7386 (1997) Class 1 Around Door Seal • Hard wearing 'Q'Lon seal has minimum 10 year lifespan • Suitable for gaps up to...

  • Ecoheaters


    We have a range of 1ft to 6ft Ecoheaters available in a range of wattages (28W-270W). Ecoheaters help to prevent dampness, mould, mildew, condensation and freezing. Compliant with BS EN 60335/1:2002. Also available, Ecoheater with built-in thermostat to...

  • Brush Letterplate Flap

    Brush Letterplate Flap

    The Brush Letterplate Flap is quick and easy to fit with a hinged flap to cover bristles. Fits aperture size 279 x 45mm. Available in white or brown.• Intermeshing, twin brush design• Hinged flap to cover bristles• Quick and easy to fit...

  • PVCu Door Bottom Brush

    PVCu Door Bottom Brush

    This plastic draught excluder brush can be fitted to the bottom of any internal door, sealing gaps of up to 15mm between the bottom of the door and a carpeted, tiled, wood or linoleum floor. • Easy to fix (screws provided)• Can be cut to...

  • Radiator Panels

    Radiator Panels

    The Radiator Panel is a PVC panel with an aluminized surface designed to reflect radiant heat. The Radflek is made from long lasting coated laminated aluminium foil which reflects up to 95% of heat from the rear of the radiator back into the room. 

  • Solon Memo Minder Solon Memo Minder

    Solon Memo Minder

    The Solon Memo Minder is a battery operated (4 x AA) wall mountable or free standing infrared device that senses movement and plays a personalised 20 second re-recordable message.  Can be utilised within the workplace as prompts or reminders for...

  • Anti-Slip Tape Anti-Slip Tape

    Anti-Slip Tape

    This durable anti-slip tape comes in a range of sizes. Ideal for stairways, walkways and ramps and can be used indoors or outdoors. Available in black, white or clear. 

  • Winter Warm Pack

    Winter Warm Pack

    30,000 people die as a result of the cold every winter. Winter Warm Packs are a simple but effective solution to help provide essential items to the elderly and vulnerable. Standard Pack includes:• Fleece Blanket• Thermomug• Hot Water...

  • Draught Excluder

    Draught Excluder

    An under door Draught Excluder that can be easily pushed under doors on smooth surfaces and can be cut to size. Once installed it will move with a door making it more efficient and easier to use. Provides protection against draughts, dust, cold and noise...

  • Solon Hygrometer/Thermometer

    Solon Hygrometer/Thermometer

    The Hygrometer/Thermometer is a convenient table or wall mountable unit that allows you to quickly and easily monitor the humidity and temperature in your home. The Hygrometer/Thermometer comes with advice about how to maintain the optimum conditions to...

  • Non Slip Products

    Non Slip Products

    We have a selection of non-slip products to help reduce the number of slips inside the home including anti-slip socks, shoe grippers and anti-slip trays.

  • Light Products

    Light Products

    Our range of lighting products helps to ensure you can always see where you are walking. Our range includes a glow in the dark torch, dusk till dawn light bulbs , magnetic contact light and a PIR LED light. 

  • Stainless Steel Flask

    Stainless Steel Flask

    A handy Stainless Steel Flask to help keep water warm. It has an impressive 500ml capacity which can be used throughout the day to help make warm drinks. 

  • Defender IIIT Defender IIIT

    Defender IIIT

    As well as a personal alarm, the IIIT can also be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   High intensity strobe light Torch function 143dBs siren Ripcord activation Comes with belt/bag attachment Comes with bracket for...

  • Reach Extender Reach Extender

    Reach Extender

    The Reach Extender is a great tool for helping pick up items, grabbing out of reach objects and even getting dressed. The Grabber is lightweight and durable making it ideal for the elderly or those with restricted mobility. • Strong grip•...

  • Post Catcher

    Post Catcher

    The Post Catcher is an essential for the elderly or anyone suffering with restricted mobility and back pains. The Post Catcher is easy to install and helps reduce the strain on the back from bending over and picking up post from the floor. The unit is...

  • Grab Rails Grab Rails

    Grab Rails

    Conveniently placed Grab Rails provide a steadying support for elderly or those suffering with restricted mobility. They offer a fluted design for a safer grip and can be installed inside or outside the home. Our stocked range is available in blue or...

  • Wrist Alarm Wrist Alarm

    Wrist Alarm

    Convenient "one size fits all" wrist strap with a heavy duty velcro fastener. Popular alarm for visually impaired, elderly or vulnerable Powerful 132dBs siren Top button activation and underside button to silence

  • Defender Panic Alarm Defender Panic Alarm

    Defender Panic Alarm

    A bright red alarm to provide users a known fixed point in an emergency.  • 2 x AAA batteries (supplied)• 120dBs siren• Flashing LED (when armed)• Convenient on/off switch • Ripcord activation