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Housing & Welfare

  • Slips, Trips & Falls Pack

    Slips, Trips & Falls Pack

    We have a huge range of products that can help prevent slips, trips and falls in the home. Why not build a bespoke pack containing some essential items? Items could include:• Non slip products• Lighting• Assistive technology

  • Solon Memo Minder

    Solon Memo Minder

    The Solon Memo Minder is a battery operated (4 x AA) wall mountable or freestanding infrared device that senses movement and plays a pre-recorded message (up to 20 seconds). Can be re-recorded. • Independently tested and reviewed by Which?•...

  • Anti-Slip Tape

    Anti-Slip Tape

    This durable anti-slip tape comes in a range of sizes. Ideal for stairways, walkways and ramps and can be used indoors or outdoors. Available in black, white or clear. 

  • Draught Excluder

    An under door Draught Excluder that can be easily pushed under doors on smooth surfaces and can be cut to size. Once installed it will move with a door making it more efficient and easier to use. Provides protection against draughts, dust, cold and noise...

  • Solon Hygrometer/Thermometer

    The Hygrometer/Thermometer is a convenient table or wall mountable unit that allows you to quickly and easily monitor the humidity and temperature in your home. The Hygrometer/Thermometer comes with advice about how to maintain the optimum conditions to...

  • Winter Warm Pack

    30,000 people die as a result of the cold every winter. Winter Warm Packs are a simple but effective solution to help provide essential items to the elderly and vulnerable. Standard Pack includes:• Fleece Blanket• Thermomug• Hot Water...

  • Non Slip Products

    We have a selection of non-slip products to help reduce the number of slips inside the home including anti-slip socks, shoe grippers and anti-slip trays.

  • Defender IIIT

    Defender IIIT

    As well as a personal alarm, the IIIT can also be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   High intensity strobe light Torch function 143dBs siren Ripcord activation Comes with belt/bag attachment Comes with bracket for...

  • Light Products

    Our range of lighting products helps to ensure you can always see where you are walking. Our range includes a glow in the dark torch, dusk till dawn light bulbs , magnetic contact light and a PIR LED light. 

  • Stainless Steel Flask

    A handy Stainless Steel Flask to help keep water warm. It has an impressive 500ml capacity which can be used throughout the day to help make warm drinks. 

  • Reach Extender

    Reach Extender

    The Reach Extender is a great tool for helping pick up items, grabbing out of reach objects and even getting dressed. The Grabber is lightweight and durable making it ideal for the elderly or those with restricted mobility. • Strong grip•...

  • Snood/Multi Function Scarf

    Snood/Multi Function Scarf

    This Multi-Function Scarf and Snood is an essential during cold months. Ideal for the elderly or those enduring fuel poverty.  It can be worn around the neck as a scarf or over the head and neck. This is a popular winter essential and is also...