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  • Impact Personal Alarm Torch

    Impact Personal Alarm Torch

    The Impact Personal Alarm Torch is a highly effective USB charging torch with a built in powerful alarm. Ideal for night time economy workers, dog walker and shift workers. • Light modes: 200/250/300/strobe (400 lumen)• 130 dBs• Run...

  • Impact Personal Alarm Torch XL

    Impact Personal Alarm Torch XL

    The Impact Personal Alarm Torch XL is the plus-size version of the regular Impact torch, offers the same high performance with a more robust, heavy duty build and twice the rechargeable battery power. Ideal for night time economy workers, dog walker...

  • 9 LED Glow Torch

    9 LED Glow Torch

    This pocket-sized, lightweight torch has 9 super bright LED’s that create a powerful beam when activated. The torch also features a special glow in the dark luminous casing making it easy to find in times of emergency or during a power...

  • Twin Light Keychain Torch

    Twin Light Keychain Torch

    Convenient key ring with a UV torch and bright white LED torch. Identifies UV marked property including Smartwater™ and SelectaDNA™. Detects counterfeit currency, credit cards and UV marked ID cards.   Dimensions: 40 x 40mm

  • Keychain LED Torch

    The Keychain LED Torch is a handy, low cost giveaway item ideal to be kept on a set of keys to always have a torch close to hand. The torch has a simple on/off operation and comes mixed in a variety of colours. Branding options available...

  • Defender Mini Wind Up Torch

    Defender Mini Wind Up Torch

    The Defender Mini Wind Up Torch provides an ultra bright LED light in an attractive and compact design. Ideal for any situation as it's powered by hand rather than batteries so it will always be dependable.  Rotating the handle for one minute will...

  • Defender MKA Torch

    Defender MKA Torch

    The MKA Torch is a reliable dual purpose alarm. It can be used as a personal alarm and also as a torch. Excellent value and versatile branding options make it one of the most popular alarms on the market. LED or UV torch options available 128dBs...