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New Products

  • Club® Utility Lock

    Club® Utility Lock

    Adjustable multi-functional steel utility lock for securing both indoor and outdoor items, including patio doors.Also suitable for securing bikes, ATV's, ladders, gates, trailers etc. • Can withstand up to 680kg of pressure • Bright...

  • A4 Thieves Beware Eyes Sign

    Following the success of our 'Thieves Beware' Eyes Signs, we have now added an Anti-Crime version to our range. This is ideal for use on properties or in rural locations to help deter thieves.  The eyes are printed on a reflective strip which makes...

  • ABUS Digital Door Viewer

    ABUS Digital Door Viewer

    With this substitute for a conventional door viewer, you can see who is standing at your door with the touch of a button, making it much more difficult for unwanted callers. • 105 degree viewing angle• Suitable for a door leaf thickness of...

  • Anti-Tamper Stickers

    Anti-Tamper Stickers

     This weatherproof theft-deterrent sticker is nearly impossible to remove. The aggressive adhesive results in the sticker disintegrating like an eggshell if attempts are made to tamper with it. This product ensures security and durability, and...

  • BriteAngle


    The highest quality warning triangle, crafted with high-intensity LED lights, suitable for all road users. This warning triangle does not leave safety to chance, its LED powered lights are visible from up to 300m away, during the day and night. The...

  • Card Defender Diamond

    Card Defender Diamond

    The Card Defender Diamond is a credit card sized RFID blocking card that prevents sensitive information being skimmed. The Card Defender Diamond has achieved Police Preferred Specification which proves its quality. With a large branding area, this...

  • Dakota BBA-4000 Kit

    The BBA-4000 is a solar-powered wireless black light infra-red break beam sensor. The solar-powered sensors are ideal for placing outdoors, for example in a drive-way. Once the beam detects breakage an alert will be sent to the receiver up to 1600m away...

  • Dakota DCMA-4000 Wireless Motion Alert Kit

    The DCMA-4000 is a wireless kit that helps monitor home and business surroundings. The weatherproof PIR sensor possesses a detection range of 30m, wirelessly transmitting a customisable alert back to the receiver up to 1600m away.

  • Dakota DCPA-4000 Wireless Probe Alert

    The DCPA-4000 uses an intelligent buried probe that detects moving vehicles on an access road or driveway as it is approaching a property. It detects within an approximate 3m radius (depending on ground conditions). When a vehicle passes the transmitter...

  • Dakota UTDCR-4000 Kit

    The UTDCR-4000 is a multi-function detection system, with several different methods of activation. The receiver is activated by either the magnetic door/window contact or the push-button that can be doubled as a panic button or a wireless doorbell. The...

  • Decoy Bullet Camera with IR LEDs

    The Decoy Bullet Camera has 9 LED’s that glow at night to give the impression the camera is recording in night vision mode. • Indoor or outdoor use• Realistic camera effect• 9 ‘Infrared’ LED’s glow at night•...

  • Decoy Camera with IR LEDs

    Decoy Camera with IR LEDs

    The Decoy Camera works from dusk until dawn, so when it detects nightfall the Infrared LED lights will glow, to give the impression that the camera is recording in night vision mode. During the daylight, no lights are visible. • Indoor and...

  • Decoy Dome Camera with IR LEDs

    Decoy Dome Camera with IR LEDs

    The Decoy Dome Camera is an effective decoy camera with 9 LEDs that glow from dusk till dawn.  • Indoor and outdoor use• Realistic camera effect• Wall, ceiling or flat surface fixing options• 9 ‘Infrared’ LED’s...

  • Defender Apollo Touch CCTV Kit

    Defender Apollo Touch CCTV Kit

    • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080• Viewing angle: 90°• Night vision distance: 20m• Open range distance: 300m• Audio: 2-way• IP Rating: IP66• Colour: White• Monitor: Mains powered or portable (batteries required...

  • Defender Combination Dial Key Safe

    Defender Combination Dial Key Safe

    An easy to use, highly secure combination dial key safe. With a 4-digit combination wheel, allowing thousands of potential code options. The metal body ensures durability and the code cover door provides added security.  External dimensions: 120 x...

  • Defender Covert HD Trail Camera

    Defender Covert HD Trail Camera

    The Defender Covert HD Trail Camera is an outdoor camera that blends into its surroundings. The camera operates either by motion that is detected by a PIR sensor, or by a timer function selected by the user. The covert camera can either take quality...

  • Defender Door Wedge Alarm

    Defender Door Wedge Alarm

    When armed and positioned behind a door it will sound a powerful siren if someone attempts to open the door. • 120dBs siren• On/Off switch• 4 x LR44 batteries (included) 

  • Defender DX-500 Wireless Perimeter Kit

    Defender DX-500 Wireless Perimeter Kit

      The DX-500 is a long range detection kit designed to protect the perimeter of properties, ranging from residential areas to large commercial or industrial environments. The battery-powered, wireless nature of the kit means it is also suitable for...

  • Defender Lumos XL

    Defender Lumos XL

    The Defender Lumos XL is an incredibly powerful handheld torch with the ability to output up to 1500 lumens of white LED light at a distance of 500m. This unit maintains a lightweight and user friendly design, with single push button activation and...

  • Defender Max Ultra Solar Security Light

    Defender Max Ultra Solar Security Light

    The Defender Max Ultra is a solar powered security light with an extremely bright 1200 lumens. Designed for high risk properties, can detect motion from 6 to 12m away. Can operate from the motion sensor or on constantly. 

  • Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob

    Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob

    The Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob is a simple, user-friendly indoor alarm unit, perfect for installing in important rooms or access locations. Armed and operated using either the key fob or buttons on the side of the alarm, the device produces a...

  • Defender Plug In Simulated TV

    Defender Plug In Simulated TV

    A great way to deter burglars as it gives the illusion that the TV is being watched as it mimics the light projected from a regular television, using colourful LEDs. The Defender Simulated TV is indistinguishable from a real television as the varying...

  • Defender Vibration & Access Alarm

    Defender Vibration & Access Alarm

    A battery-operated alarm that is triggered by shock sensor or magnetic contact. Designed for door and window security. Suitable for internal or external use.  • 140dBs siren • IP67 waterproof• Keypad activated with user...

  • Deluxe Bike Security Pack

    This pack contains an extensive range of theft deterrents and bike security.  • Padlock Alarm• Bike Security Pack (OT00679)• Coiled Steel Cable

  • Domestic Alert Alarm System

    Domestic Alert Alarm System

    Product DetailsThis alarm is a key fob operated wireless alarm system, activated by magnetic contact or panic button. With a pulsating 130dBs siren and an attention-grabbing strobe light, it is perfect for domestic deployment, providing early...

  • Door Jammer Lockdown

    Door Jammer Lockdown

    The Door Jammer Lockdown is a heavyweight portable security device. Designed for commercial use created specifically for emergency deployment in public buildings, schools, colleges, universities, offices or hotels. Compatible with all floor types. With...

  • Essentials Driveway Alarm

    Essentials Driveway Alarm

    A wireless, PIR motion detecting alarm that can be utilised to alert homeowners of movement, sending alarm signals to the main unit. The weatherproof PIR and main unit can be placed up to 120m apart. Offering practical security solutions at great value...

  • Essentials EasyHang Solar Light

    Essentials EasyHang Solar Light

    The Essentials EasyHang Solar Light is a solar powered PIR light that is ideal for quick deployment, providing 50 lumens of light and is accompanied with a motion sensor with a range of 10m.  Suitable for deployment on gutters, fencing, caravans...

  • Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch

    Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch

    A cost-effective yet powerful personal attack alarm that is activated by key ring, with a bright with LED.  • 110dBs siren • Ultra bright white LED torch function• Key ring activation • Colour: Black

  • Essentials Solar Security Wall Light

    Essentials Solar Security Wall Light

    The Essentials Solar Security Wall Light is a motion activated solar powered security light. Easy to install, simple light for a practical function, providing 240 lumens of light. This outdoor solar motion security light can be used...

  • Essentials Squeeze Alarm

    Essentials Squeeze Alarm

    The Essentials Squeeze Alarm is a squeeze activated personal alarm, with a built in LED torch.  • 120dBs siren• Built in LED torch• Simple push and hold activation• Colour: Black

  • Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm

    Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm

    The Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm is a pin activated personal alarm that can be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   • 140dBs siren  • Ripcord activation • Comes with a belt/bag...

  • Essentials Window Vibration Alarm

    Essentials Window Vibration Alarm

    An easy to use alarm, designed to increase the safety of a property. When installed on a window, the alarm provides both a visual and an audible deterrent.  • 3 x LR44 batteries (included) • 85dBs sirenSelf adhesive sticker

  • Essentials Wireless Home Alert Kit

    Essentials Wireless Home Alert Kit

    Easy to install, out of the box set up. With a 80m operating range, the wireless sensors and contacts are pre-paired to the receiver.  • 3 x Door/Window contacts • 2 x PIRs with 5m range  • 1 x 5 Channel portable...

  • Fraud Prevention Pack

    This pack offers individual protection to prevent doorstep, cyber and identity fraud.  Pack includes: • 2 x 'Think Scams' Stickers • 2 x Card Defenders• 1 x ID Card Magnifier • 1 x Webcam Cover

  • Handheld Weapon Detector

    Easy operation scanner for detecting weapons and other dangerous items of metal. Perfect for use at events and nightclubs, with sound, vibrations and LED activation. 9V battery included. 

  • HD BikeCam with Light

    HD BikeCam with Light

    These innovative HD camera/light units clip easily onto a bike and record footage to an SD card/smart phone. Captures 1080p video and stills include night vision. Supplied with a handlebar remote control for front and rear cameras. Footage from impact or...

  • HD Video Doorbell Intercom

    HD Video Doorbell Intercom

    An easy use, easy setup doorbell camera that allows residents to view and communicate with visitors to their property via a smartphone. • 120 degrees viewing angle • 2 x 18650 Lithium batteries • HD1080P video...

  • Hi-Vis Flashing Velcro Clip

    Hi-Vis Flashing Velcro Clip

    An extremely useful and versatile road safety accessory, this hi-vis clip uses velcro to fix itself to virtually any clothing or accessories.  The clip contains four bright red LEDs that can be set to On, Flashing and Off with the push of a button...

  • Hi-Vis Kids Pack

    Hi-Vis Kids Pack

    This 9 piece Hi-Vis Kids Pack is a convenient and cost effective collection of road safety accessories for children.  Pack contains: • 1 x Hi-Vis Slapband• 2 x Hi-Vis Key Rings • 6 x Hi-Vis Stickers 

  • Hi-Vis Velcro Reflective Band

    Hi-Vis Velcro Reflective Band

    A one size fits all road safety solution, this hi-vis band can be fixed to either arms or legs utilising the durable velcro strapping.  The hi-vis colour is complimented by a continuous reflective strip, ensuring the wearer is visible both day and...

  • Impact Personal Alarm Torch

    Impact Personal Alarm Torch

    The Impact Personal Alarm Torch is a highly effective USB charging torch with a built in powerful alarm. Ideal for night time economy workers, dog walker and shift workers. • Light modes: 200/250/300/strobe (400 lumen)• 130 dBs• Run...

  • Impact Personal Alarm Torch XL

    Impact Personal Alarm Torch XL

    The Impact Personal Alarm Torch XL is the plus-size version of the regular Impact torch, offers the same high performance with a more robust, heavy duty build and twice the rechargeable battery power. Ideal for night time economy workers, dog walker...

  • Mini Police Range

    Mini Police Range

    Several police forces now operate a voluntary ‘Mini Police’ force, with the innovation first rolled out by Durham Constabulary. A hugely popular initiative amongst youngsters, the Mini Police participate in community engagement events whilst...

  • Reflective LED Strap

    Reflective LED Strap

    A fully adjustable, multi-use strap containing a bright red LED. Can be affixed to a variety of clothing or bags and held securely in place with the clip.  The strap can be set to On, Flashing or Off by simply pressing the contained button...

  • Reflective Safety Belt

    Reflective Safety Belt

    A fully adjustable hi-vis belt with a continuous reflective strip, ensuring visibility during both day and night.  The belt is attached around the wearer with a secure clip and can even be used to secure loose items during journeys. 

  • Reflective Slapband wth Flashing LED

    Reflective Slapband wth Flashing LED

    The Reflective Slapband with Flashing LED is an easy to use road safety product to help improve visibility on the roads. The slapband can be used with or without the LED attachment. The red LED clips easily on/off the and is activated with a simple...