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Own Branding & Promotional Products

  • Card Defender Diamond Card Defender Diamond

    Card Defender Diamond

    The Card Defender Diamond is a credit card sized RFID blocking card that prevents sensitive information being skimmed. The Card Defender Diamond has achieved Police Preferred Specification which proves its quality. With a large branding area, this...

  • Mini Police Range Mini Police Range

    Mini Police Range

    Several police forces now operate a voluntary ‘Mini Police’ force, with the innovation first rolled out by Durham Constabulary. A hugely popular initiative amongst youngsters, the Mini Police participate in community engagement events whilst...

  • Stickers & Signs (Own Branded)

    Stickers & Signs (Own Branded)

    We have an extensive range of stickers and signs available to suit your budget and campaign needs. Speak to a member of our sales team to discuss any requirements you might have.

  • Hygrometer/Thermometer (Own Branded)

    Hygrometer/Thermometer (Own Branded)

    The Hygrometer/Thermometer has been a huge success with housing associations and councils. The Hygrometer/Thermometer is not only used to monitor temperature and humidity but also helps to educate users on dangerous living conditions. The unit comes...

  • Torches


    We have a variety of torches available for all budgets. Torches are successful as branded items because they are always used and kept close to hand, reinforcing your message. We have standard white light and UV torches available, please speak to our...

  • Alarms


    Alarms are an essential security product and are ideal for branding as they have a larger branding area. They are a great way to promote community safety and generate awareness to burglary or theft. We have a range of alarms available to suit your...

  • Bags


    Since the introduction of the 5p charge for plastic bags and a big push to reduce the amount of plastic in circulation, reusable shopper bags have become very popular. Range of bags available including: drawstring, shopper and cotton bags.We can pack...

  • Defender Personal Alarms

    Defender Personal Alarms

    Our Defender Personal Alarms have a good sized branding area and are also a high quality personal safety item making them an ideal addition to your campaign.All of our personal alarms come with a personal safety guide as standard.

  • Engagement Products - Young Children

    Engagement Products - Young Children

    We understand the importance of introducing safety messages to children at an early age, that’s why we like to work with our customers to come up with creative ideas on how to captivate younger minds. Please call us to discuss your campaign...

  • Student Engagement

    Student Engagement

    Students are one of the most targeted groups for criminals. With the array of expensive electrical items such as ipads, laptops and phones, they are the perfect target for both organised and opportunist thieves. With many young people being...

  • Road Safety Road Safety

    Road Safety

    Road Safety is an area where we have been expanding our product range in partnership with our customers to really help make an impact. With the development of new and innovative products such as the Defender Signal Blocker, which is recognised as the...

  • Key Rings & Trolley Coins

    Key Rings & Trolley Coins

    Key Rings and Trolley Coins are amongst the most popular and affordable giveaways. Suitable for all ages and perfect for branding. Your message is always close at hand with these products. Full colour branding at no extra cost (maximum 5...

  • Stationery


    Always a popular choice to get your message across, promote a campaign or just to make sure your details are always close at hand. With a wide range of products in a wide range of colours and styles there is always something to meet your...

  • Playing Cards Playing Cards

    Playing Cards

    This fantastic educational tool can support any campaign in a fun and informative way with your own road safety messages. The playing cards can include any message or image that you need. The cards can also be used as a 'Play Your Card's Right' style...

  • Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification

    Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification

    As contactless cards are becoming more common, keep credit cards in the UK's favourite RFID blocker - the Card Defender to prevent card skimming.  The Card Defender combats card skimming by using RFID blocking technology to prevent sensitive...

  • Beer Mats & Bar Runners

    Beer Mats & Bar Runners

    Binge drinking and drug use often lead to anti-social behaviour and violent crime. This is a constant drain on police and NHS resources. With date rape drugs being used against both sexes and reported incidents on the increase, we offer a range of...