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Personal & Property Security

  • Card Defender Diamond

    Card Defender Diamond

    The Card Defender Diamond is a credit card sized RFID blocking card that prevents sensitive information being skimmed. The Card Defender Diamond has achieved Police Preferred Specification which proves its quality. With a large branding area, this...

  • Defender Car Charger

    Defender Car Charger

      Cost effective car charger suitable for any type of mobile phone, perfect for keeping your battery topped up on a long journey. The charger comes with a detachable USB cable. 

  • Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch

    Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch

    A cost-effective yet powerful personal attack alarm that is activated by key ring, with a bright with LED.  • 140dBs siren • Ultra bright white LED torch function• Key ring activation • Colour: Black

  • Essentials Squeeze Alarm

    Essentials Squeeze Alarm

    The Essentials Squeeze Alarm is a squeeze activated personal alarm, with a built in LED torch.  • 120dBs siren• Built in LED torch• Simple push and hold activation• Colour: Black

  • Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm

    Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm

    The Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm is a pin activated personal alarm that can be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   • 140dBs siren  • Ripcord activation • Comes with a belt/bag...

  • Fraud Prevention Pack

    This pack offers individual protection to prevent doorstep, cyber and identity fraud.  Pack includes: • 2 x 'Think Scams' Stickers • 2 x Card Defenders• 1 x ID Card Magnifier • 1 x Webcam Cover

  • Handheld Weapon Detector

    Easy operation scanner for detecting weapons and other dangerous items of metal. Perfect for use at events and nightclubs, with sound, vibrations and LED activation. 9V battery included. 

  • Touch & Know® Drug Testing

    Touch & Know® Drug Testing

    The Touch&Know® range comprises high quality, easy use drug testing kits, specifically designed for untrained use. The patented Smart-Tip™ probe allows the quick and safe sampling of a suspected area. The sample is then held in a...

  • Webcam Covers

    The Webcam Cover is to ensure privacy and added security, suitable for a variety of devices. An easy solution that provides convenient access to open and close, with an adhesive backing. The sliding cover can be tailored to any brand logo, a great...

  • Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification

    Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification

    As contactless cards are becoming more common, keep credit cards in the UK's favourite RFID blocker - the Card Defender to prevent card skimming.  The Card Defender combats card skimming by using RFID blocking technology to prevent sensitive...

  • Defender Cooper Torch

    The Defender Cooper is a compact and attractive alarm that fits comfortably in your palm or on a set of keys ensuring it is always at hand. Independent ultra bright white LED torch function 130dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring...

  • Defender MKA - UV Torch

    The MKA Torch is a reliable dual purpose alarm. It can be used as a personal alarm and also as a torch. Excellent value and versatile branding options make it one of the most popular alarms on the market.    LED or UV torch options...