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Personal & Property Security

  • Drink Stopper - 4 Mixed Colours Drink Stopper - 4 Mixed Colours

    Drink Stopper - 4 Mixed Colours

    A single use bottle stopper which helps protect drinks from being tampered. Anti-spiking device is inserted into the neck of a bottle and cannot be easily removed, creating a seal that helps stop illicit substances being dropped into the bottle. Supplied...

  • Handheld Weapon Detector

    Handheld Weapon Detector

    Easy operation scanner for detecting weapons and other dangerous items of metal. Perfect for use at events and nightclubs, with sound, vibrations and LED activation. 9V battery included. 

  • Fraud Prevention Pack

    Fraud Prevention Pack

    This pack offers individual protection to prevent doorstep, cyber and identity fraud.  Pack includes: • 2 x 'Think Scams' Stickers • 2 x Card Defenders• 1 x ID Card Magnifier • 1 x Webcam Cover

  • Card Defender Diamond Card Defender Diamond

    Card Defender Diamond

    The Card Defender Diamond is a credit card sized RFID blocking card that prevents sensitive information being skimmed. The Card Defender Diamond has achieved Police Preferred Specification which proves its quality. With a large branding area, this...

  • Webcam Covers

    Webcam Covers

    The Webcam Cover is to ensure privacy and added security, suitable for a variety of devices. An easy solution that provides convenient access to open and close, with an adhesive backing. The sliding cover can be tailored to any brand logo, a great...

  • Essentials Squeeze Alarm Essentials Squeeze Alarm

    Essentials Squeeze Alarm

    The Essentials Squeeze Alarm is a squeeze activated personal alarm, with a built in LED torch.  • 120dBs siren• Built in LED torch• Simple push and hold activation• Colour: Black

  • Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch

    Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch

    A cost-effective yet powerful personal attack alarm that is activated by key ring, with an LED torch. • 110dBs siren • Ultra bright white LED torch function• Key ring activation • Colour: Black

  • Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm

    Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm

    The Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm is a pin activated personal alarm that can be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   • 140dBs siren  • Ripcord activation • Comes with a belt/bag...

  • Defender Car Charger Defender Car Charger

    Defender Car Charger

      Cost effective car charger suitable for any type of mobile phone, perfect for keeping your battery topped up on a long journey. The charger comes with a detachable USB cable. 

  • Touch & Know® Drug Testing Touch & Know® Drug Testing

    Touch & Know® Drug Testing

    The Touch&Know® range comprises high quality, easy use drug testing kits, specifically designed for untrained use. The patented Smart-Tip™ probe allows the quick and safe sampling of a suspected area. The sample is then held in a...

  • Night Time Economy Pack

    Night Time Economy Pack

    The Night Time Economy Pack has been developed to promote staying safe on a night out and to combat some of the effects of binge drinking. • Flip Flops• Bottled Water • Lollipop • Space Blanket • Packed in a Standard Clip Close...

  • Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification

    Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification

    As contactless cards are becoming more common, keep credit cards in the UK's favourite RFID blocker - the Card Defender to prevent card skimming.  The Card Defender combats card skimming by using RFID blocking technology to prevent sensitive...

  • Purse/Bag Alarms

    Purse/Bag Alarms

    Our Purse/Bag alarm is an excellent product that provides protections against bag snatching and pickpocketing. Our bag alarm is designed to alert the user if their purse or bag is taken and will set off a loud 110dBs siren causing the thief to drop the...

  • Defender Cooper Torch

    Defender Cooper Torch

    The Defender Cooper is a compact and attractive alarm that fits comfortably in your palm or on a set of keys ensuring it is always at hand. Independent ultra bright white LED torch function 130dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring...

  • Cocaine Surface Wipes Cocaine Surface Wipes

    Cocaine Surface Wipes

    The wipe will turn speckled blue when it identifies trace amounts of residue left on a surface where cocaine has been used. Results are not evidential but they provide a quick indicator so officers can decide if further evidence testing is required. 

  • Deluxe Marking Kit

    Deluxe Marking Kit

    A comprehensive pack designed to ensure property is well marked. • 1 x Record Card• 1 x UV Marker Pen• 8 x Clear Laminate Labels• 6 x All Weather Warning Labels • 2 x Mobile Phone Labels• 2 x Cycle Wrap Arounds• 2 x...

  • Property Marking Kit

    Property Marking Kit

    Kit includes: • Permanent UV Marker Pen • A set of Laminate Labels • A set of highly durable Warning Stickers • Instructions and a marked property Record Card • Packed in a Clip Close Bag

  • Purse/Bag Dipping Pack

    Purse/Bag Dipping Pack

    This pack has a great selection of products designed to prevent opportunist thieves from dipping/snatching bags and purses.Typical pack comes packed in a clip close bag and includes a Defender Carabiner Hook, Defender Purse/Bag Cable, a Defender Mini...

  • Defender Slimline Defender Slimline

    Defender Slimline

    Cost effective alarm with an attractive pendant design, bright LED torch in a choice of colour. Ideal for branding with your organisation's logo and message. Independent bright white LED torch function 130dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring...

  • Defender Mini All Purpose

    Defender Mini All Purpose

    This small but powerful alarm can be easily deployed for use in various applications. LED torch and panic button Bag attachment Belt clip for added convenience 130dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring activation

  • Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Drug driving arrests have soared over the past few years, with drugs drivers being as likely to be convicted as drunk drivers. We have created a range or Anti Drug driving products to help educate and raise awareness of this problem with the intention of...

  • Secure Shopper Pack

    Secure Shopper Pack

    The Secure Shopper Pack contains 2 Card Defender (RFID blocker) that protects contactless cards from being skimmed. Pack also includes a Purse Bell and a Defender Purse/Bag Cable.  The Secure Shopper Pack helps raise awareness of credit card...

  • Defender IIIT Defender IIIT

    Defender IIIT

    As well as a personal alarm, the IIIT can also be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   High intensity strobe light Torch function 143dBs siren Ripcord activation Comes with belt/bag attachment Comes with bracket for...

  • Secret Pocket Secret Pocket

    Secret Pocket

    This handy wallet is designed to be worn around the neck under jackets or clothing to ensure valuables are kept safe. It has a zipped compartment and a clear plastic window on the front, enabling users to see the contents quickly. Ideal for commuters,...

  • CREMARK Tool Marking Kit

    CREMARK Tool Marking Kit

    A system which permanently marks property using a permanent marker pen that gets sealed with a coat of quick drying protective lacquer.   Each kit will mark 30 items of tools.

  • Heart Alarm

    Heart Alarm

    The Defender Heart is a compact, charm style design in vibrant red which encourages people of all ages to carry on a regular basis. Popular alarm, can be own branded.    Test button 130dBs siren Key ring activation

  • Anti-Drug Driving Key Ring

    Anti-Drug Driving Key Ring

    As new laws are introduced to help keep dangerous drivers off the road, it's important to reinforce safe driving procedures. Subtle reminders can often make a big impact. We have developed a Anti Drug Driving Key Ring so that it can be used as an...

  • Phone Security Cables Phone Security Cables

    Phone Security Cables

    The Phone Security Cable is a great way to deter phone theft. The rubber strap wraps around your phone and can then be clipped to clothing or bags. Once secure, the Phone Security Cable prevents the phone from falling or being stolen. The Phone Security...

  • Defender Minimax

    Defender Minimax

    Despite its small and compact design, the Defender Minimax has an impressive siren when activated. High quality alarm which offers simplicity and reliability. Small and stylish design to encourage everyday use 130dBs siren Key ring...

  • Check Your Drink - Drink Safety Test Strip Check Your Drink - Drink Safety Test Strip

    Check Your Drink - Drink Safety Test Strip

    The Check Your Drink test strip is a drink spiking detection kit that has been developed by expert chemists to help combat drink spiking. The user simply applies a drop of their drink to each end of the strip. Any change in colour signifies...

  • Defender MKA Torch Defender MKA Torch

    Defender MKA Torch

    The MKA Torch is a reliable dual purpose alarm. It can be used as a personal alarm and also as a torch. Excellent value and versatile branding options make it one of the most popular alarms on the market. LED or UV torch options available 128dBs...

  • Beer Mats & Bar Runners

    Beer Mats & Bar Runners

    Binge drinking and drug use often lead to anti-social behaviour and violent crime. This is a constant drain on police and NHS resources. With date rape drugs being used against both sexes and reported incidents on the increase, we offer a range of...

  • Purse/Bag Cable Purse/Bag Cable

    Purse/Bag Cable

    Designed to prevent bag dipping by securing valuable items to bags or clothing. In the event of an attempted theft, the gradual tensioning system will allow the cable to extend 10 times its original length. This means the victim will be less likely to be...

  • Football Alarm Football Alarm

    Football Alarm

    The Defender Football alarm's unique design means it poses as a regular accessory for a set of keys or a bag, with its true function as a powerful alarm kept discrete. Small alarm (35mm height, 110mm circumference) 125dBs siren Key ring...

  • Sick Bags

    Sick Bags

    These Sick Bags are ideal for alcohol awareness campaigns and street pastor patrols. 2 easy to seal Sick Bags are conveniently packed with one pair of disposable gloves. Can be purchased individually or as part of a pack. 

  • Anti-Fraud Screen Cloth

    Anti-Fraud Screen Cloth

    As online fraud is becoming more prevalent the Anti-Fraud Screen Cloth is a great way to ensure that your safety message has maximum impact. Suitable for use on mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

  • Bag Hanger Bag Hanger

    Bag Hanger

    Bag hangers are a great way to reduce bag snatching in public places. The Bag Hanger can be used on a table or counter, it neatly packs away so it can always be kept close at hand.  A branded sticker can be applied.

  • Permanent UV Marker Pen

    Permanent UV Marker Pen

    Encourage users to permanently mark property and make valuables easy to identify under UV light. We also have a thick 4mm pen ideal for boilers and metal. Also available is a Dual UV Marker Pen (UV and Permanent Black Ink).

  • Panda Alarm Panda Alarm

    Panda Alarm

    The Defender Panda is designed to help increase personal safety. The alarm has a powerful 130dBs siren and also features a handy torch function.  Light up eyes 130dBs siren Key ring activation Popular among schools and universities

  • Purse Dipping Bells

    Purse Dipping Bells

    Product Details Our hugely popular Purse Dipping Bells are a simple, low cost item for keeping valuables secure, whilst also raising awareness on pickpocketing and bag dipping. The pair of bells hang from a G-clip that can be attached to...

  • Space Blanket Space Blanket

    Space Blanket

    The Space Blanket is a cost effective device that can help reduce A & E admissions due to alcohol related hypothermia. Lightweight and compact, the Space Blanket can be easily deployed and used to retain 90% body heat. Popular item used in alcohol...

  • Carabiner Hook Carabiner Hook

    Carabiner Hook

    Keep rucksacks, backpacks and handbags secure by attaching the zip to either another zip or a fixed point such as a handle loop with this useful device. Simple yet effective method to deter thieves. • Easy to use• Quick to attach and...

  • Wrist Alarm Wrist Alarm

    Wrist Alarm

    Convenient "one size fits all" wrist strap with a heavy duty velcro fastener. Popular alarm for visually impaired, elderly or vulnerable Powerful 132dBs siren Top button activation and underside button to silence

  • Lollipops Lollipops


    Research shows that increasing blood sugar helps reduce aggressive behaviour and violence. Using a lollipop can distract and keep drinkers quiet which also helps to reduce anti-social noise levels. Other sweet options available, speak to a member of our...

  • Flip Flops

    Flip Flops

    Flip Flops have been a popular giveaway item to help lower alcohol related admissions to A & E as well as reduce attendance by emergency services. Box of 60 pairs will contain 40 pairs of Large and 20 pairs of Medium Flip Flops.

  • Property Marking Stickers/Signs

    Property Marking Stickers/Signs

    We have a range of stickers and signs which are designed to provide a warning to thieves that property is marked. They can also act as a reminder to home owners to keep their valuables marked. The Clear Laminate Labels are used to cover any UV markings...

  • Disposable Poncho

    Disposable Poncho

    The single use Disposable Poncho are a great addition to a bespoke Alcohol Awareness Pack. The Disposable Poncho can be purchased individually or as part of a pack. • Disposable poncho with hood• Made from lightweight material • Small...