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Personal & Property Security

  • Purse/Bag Alarms

    Purse/Bag Alarms

    Our Purse/Bag alarms are an excellent product that provides protections against bag snatching and pickpocketing. Our bag alarms are designed to alert the user if their purse or bag is taken and will set off a loud 110dBs siren causing the thief to drop...

  • Cocaine Surface Wipes

    Cocaine Surface Wipes

    The wipe will turn speckled blue when it identifies trace amounts of residue left on a surface where cocaine has been used. Results are not evidential but they provide a quick indicator so officers can decide if further evidence testing is required. 

  • Defender Property Marking Kits

    Kit includes: • Permanent UV Marker Pen • A set of Laminate Labels • A set of highly durable Warning Stickers • Instructions and a marked property Record Card • Packed in a Clip Close Bag

  • Defender Slimline

    Defender Slimline

    Cost effective alarm with an attractive pendant design, bright LED torch in a choice of colour. Ideal for branding with your organisation's logo and message. Independent bright white LED torch function 130dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring...

  • Deluxe Marking Kit

    A comprehensive pack designed to ensure property is well marked. • 1 x Record Card• 1 x UV Marker Pen• 8 x Clear Laminate Labels• 6 x All Weather Warning Labels • 2 x Mobile Phone Labels• 2 x Cycle Wrap Arounds• 2 x...

  • Purse/Bag Dipping Pack

    This pack has a great selection of products designed to prevent opportunist thieves from dipping/snatching bags and purses.Typical pack comes packed in a clip close bag and includes a Defender Carabiner Hook, Defender Purse/Bag Cable, a Defender Mini...

  • Defender Mini All Purpose

    Defender Mini All Purpose

    This small but powerful alarm can be easily deployed for use in various applications. LED torch and panic button Bag attachment Belt clip for added convenience 135dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring activation Available in Yellow or Black

  • Student Dipping Pack

    Students are vulnerable to crime because they tend to have desirable items such as mobile phones, laptops and cameras. This pack is a great awareness tool as well as helping combat theft. Pack includes: a Defender Carabiner Hook, Purse Bells, Defender...

  • Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Drug driving arrests have soared over the past few years, with drugs drivers being as likely to be convicted as drunk drivers. We have created a range or Anti Drug driving products to help educate and raise awareness of this problem with the intention of...

  • Defender IIIT

    Defender IIIT

    As well as a personal alarm, the IIIT can also be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   High intensity strobe light Torch function 143dBs siren Ripcord activation Comes with belt/bag attachment Comes with bracket for...

  • Drink Spikey®

    Drink Spikey®

    A single use bottle stopper which helps protect drinks from tampering. The Spikey® is inserted into the neck of a bottle and cannot be easily removed, creating a seal that helps stop illicit substances being slipped into the drink. Packed in an...