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Personal & Property Security

  • Drink Spikey®

    Drink Spikey®

    A single use bottle stopper which helps protect drinks from tampering. The Spikey® is inserted into the neck of a bottle and cannot be easily removed, creating a seal that helps stop illicit substances being slipped into the drink. Packed in an...

  • Secure Shopper Pack

    The Secure Shopper Pack contains 2 Card Defender (RFID blocker) that protects contactless cards from being skimmed. Pack also includes a Purse Bell and a Defender Purse/Bag Cable.  The Secure Shopper Pack helps raise awareness of credit card...

  • CREMARK Tool Marking Kit

    A system which permanently marks property using a permanent marker pen that gets sealed with a coat of quick drying protective lacquer.   Each kit will mark 30 items of tools.

  • Heart Alarm

    The Defender Heart is a compact, charm style design in vibrant red which encourages people of all ages to carry on a regular basis. Popular alarm, can be own branded.    Test button 130dBs siren Key ring activation

  • Secret Pocket

    Secret Pocket

    This handy wallet is designed to be worn around the neck under jackets or clothing to ensure valuables are kept safe. It has a zipped compartment and a clear plastic window on the front, enabling users to see the contents quickly. Ideal for commuters,...

  • Anti-Drug Driving Key Ring

    As new laws are introduced to help keep dangerous drivers off the road, it's important to reinforce safe driving procedures. Subtle reminders can often make a big impact. We have developed a Anti Drug Driving Key Ring so that it can be used as an...

  • Defender Minimax

    Despite its small and compact design, the Defender Minimax has an impressive siren when activated. High quality alarm which offers simplicity and reliability. Small and stylish design to encourage everyday use 130dBs siren Key ring...

  • Phone Security Cables

    Phone Security Cables

    The Phone Security Cable is a great way to deter phone theft. The rubber strap wraps around your phone and can then be clipped to clothing or bags. Once secure, the Phone Security Cable prevents the phone from falling or being stolen. The Phone Security...

  • Check Your Drink - Drink Safety Test Strip

    Check Your Drink - Drink Safety Test Strip

    The Check Your Drink test strip is a drink spiking detection kit that has been developed by expert chemists to help combat drink spiking. The user simply applies a drop of their drink to each end of the strip. Any change in colour signifies...

  • Defender MKA

    Defender MKA

    Popular alarm used in large personal safety campaigns because of its great value and versatility in branding.  Test button 128dBs siren Key ring activation Available in Black or Silver

  • Defender MKA Torch

    Defender MKA Torch

    The MKA Torch is a reliable dual purpose alarm. It can be used as a personal alarm and also as a torch. Excellent value and versatile branding options make it one of the most popular alarms on the market. LED or UV torch options available 128dBs...

  • Phone Screen Wipes

    The Phone Screen Wipe is ideal for use with MP3's or mobile phones. The Phone Screen Wipe is now multi-functional as it comes with a plastic peg attachment. This means it can be used with phones or MP3 players as the peg can be inserted into a phone jack...