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Personal & Property Security

  • Beer Mats & Bar Runners

    Binge drinking and drug use often lead to anti-social behaviour and violent crime. This is a constant drain on police and NHS resources. With date rape drugs being used against both sexes and reported incidents on the increase, we offer a range of...

  • Football Alarm

    Football Alarm

    The Defender Football alarm's unique design means it poses as a regular accessory for a set of keys or a bag, with its true function as a powerful alarm kept discrete. Small alarm (35mm height, 110mm circumference) 125dBs siren Key ring...

  • Purse/Bag Cable

    Purse/Bag Cable

    Designed to prevent bag dipping by securing valuable items to bags or clothing. In the event of an attempted theft, the gradual tensioning system will allow the cable to extend 10 times its original length. This means the victim will be less likely to be...

  • myBunjee®


    myBunjee® is an ingenious device that allows users to attach their phone to their clothing or bag. myBunjee® attaches to clothing via a G clip and the phone is secured by a silicone strap. The coil extends which allows normal usage of the phone...

  • Sick Bags

    These Sick Bags are ideal for alcohol awareness campaigns and street pastor patrols. 2 easy to seal Sick Bags are conveniently packed with one pair of disposable gloves. Can be purchased individually or as part of a pack. 

  • Anti-Fraud Screen Cloth

    As online fraud is becoming more prevalent the Anti-Fraud Screen Cloth is a great way to ensure that your safety message has maximum impact. Suitable for use on mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

  • Bag Hanger

    Bag Hanger

    Bag hangers are a great way to reduce bag snatching in public places. The Defender Bag Hanger can be used on a table or counter. The Defender Bag Hanger neatly packs away so it can always be kept close at hand.  A branded sticker can be applied to...

  • Digital Breathalyser

    This Digital Breathalyser is operated by a single button which gives clear tonal guides to assist users as they blow into the unit. The unit will beep twice when an adequate sample has been given and then calculates and displays the measured blood...

  • Panda Alarm

    Panda Alarm

    The Defender Panda is designed to help increase personal safety. The alarm has a powerful 130dBs siren and also features a handy torch function.  Light up eyes 130dBs siren Key ring activation Popular among schools and universities

  • Permanent UV Marker Pen

    Encourage users to permanently mark property and make valuables easy to identify under UV light. We also have a thick 4mm pen ideal for boilers and metal. Also available is a Dual UV Marker Pen (UV and Permanent Black Ink).

  • Purse Dipping Bells

    Product Details Our hugely popular Purse Dipping Bells are a simple, low cost item for keeping valuables secure, whilst also raising awareness on pickpocketing and bag dipping. The pair of bells hang from a G-clip that can be attached to...

  • Thumbprint Pad

    Used to help prevent fraud and validate Fixed Penalty Notices. Inkless residue wipes off fingers instantly. Thumbprint taken when issuing Fixed Penalty Notice. Used by freight deliveries, hire companies and scrap metal merchants.