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Personal & Property Security

  • Carabiner Hook

    Carabiner Hook

    Keep rucksacks, backpacks and handbags secure by attaching the zip to either another zip or a fixed point such as a handle loop with this useful device. Simple yet effective method to deter thieves. • Easy to use• Quick to attach and...

  • Space Blanket

    Space Blanket

    The Space Blanket is a cost effective device that can help reduce A & E admissions due to alcohol related hypothermia. Lightweight and compact, the Space Blanket can be easily deployed and used to retain 90% body heat. Popular item used in alcohol...

  • Wrist Alarm

    Wrist Alarm

    Convenient "one size fits all" wrist strap with a heavy duty velcro fastener. Popular alarm for visually impaired, joggers and cyclists Powerful 132dBs siren Top button activation and underside button to silence

  • Double Ended Black Marker Pen

    Double Ended Black Marker Pen

    The Double Ended Black Marker Pen comes with two different sized black ink nibs measuring 2.5mm and 1.7mm. Ideal to permanently mark property overtly to ensure everyone can see who the item belongs to. Own branding options available.

  • Lollipops


    Research shows that increasing blood sugar helps reduce aggressive behaviour and violence. Using a lollipop can distract and keep drinkers quiet which also helps to reduce anti-social noise levels. Other sweet options available, speak to a member of our...

  • Counterfeit Detector Pen

    Counterfeit Detector Pen

    Quick, convenient way to identify fake or counterfeit currency. The normally transparent ink will turn brown on contact with fake notes. Works on all major currencies including US Dollar, Euro and Sterling.

  • Flip Flops

    Flip Flops have been a popular giveaway item to help lower alcohol related admissions to A & E as well as reduce attendance by emergency services. Box of 60 pairs will contain 40 pairs of Large and 20 pairs of Medium Flip Flops.

  • Disposable Poncho

    The single use Disposable Poncho are a great addition to a bespoke Alcohol Awareness Pack. The Disposable Poncho can be purchased individually or as part of a pack. • Disposable poncho with hood• Made from lightweight material • Small...

  • Property Marking Stickers/Signs

    We have a range of stickers and signs which are designed to provide a warning to thieves that property is marked. They can also act as a reminder to home owners to keep their valuables marked. The Clear Laminate Labels are used to cover any UV markings...