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Alcohol & Drug Initiatives

  • Handheld Weapon Detector

    Handheld Weapon Detector

    Easy operation scanner for detecting weapons and other dangerous items of metal. Perfect for use at events and nightclubs, with sound, vibrations and LED activation. 9V battery included. 

  • Touch & Know® Drug Testing Touch & Know® Drug Testing

    Touch & Know® Drug Testing

    The Touch&Know® range comprises high quality, easy use drug testing kits, specifically designed for untrained use. The patented Smart-Tip™ probe allows the quick and safe sampling of a suspected area. The sample is then held in a...

  • Night Time Economy Pack

    Night Time Economy Pack

    The Night Time Economy Pack has been developed to promote staying safe on a night out and to combat some of the effects of binge drinking. • Flip Flops• Bottled Water • Lollipop • Space Blanket • Packed in a Standard Clip Close...

  • Cocaine Surface Wipes Cocaine Surface Wipes

    Cocaine Surface Wipes

    The wipe will turn speckled blue when it identifies trace amounts of residue left on a surface where cocaine has been used. Results are not evidential but they provide a quick indicator so officers can decide if further evidence testing is required. 

  • Drink Spikey® Drink Spikey®

    Drink Spikey®

    A single use bottle stopper which helps protect drinks from tampering. The Spikey® is inserted into the neck of a bottle and cannot be easily removed, creating a seal that helps stop illicit substances being slipped into the drink. Packed in an...

  • Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Drug driving arrests have soared over the past few years, with drugs drivers being as likely to be convicted as drunk drivers. We have created a range or Anti Drug driving products to help educate and raise awareness of this problem with the intention of...

  • Anti-Drug Driving Key Ring

    Anti-Drug Driving Key Ring

    As new laws are introduced to help keep dangerous drivers off the road, it's important to reinforce safe driving procedures. Subtle reminders can often make a big impact. We have developed a Anti Drug Driving Key Ring so that it can be used as an...

  • Check Your Drink - Drink Safety Test Strip Check Your Drink - Drink Safety Test Strip

    Check Your Drink - Drink Safety Test Strip

    The Check Your Drink test strip is a drink spiking detection kit that has been developed by expert chemists to help combat drink spiking. The user simply applies a drop of their drink to each end of the strip. Any change in colour signifies...

  • Beer Mats & Bar Runners

    Beer Mats & Bar Runners

    Binge drinking and drug use often lead to anti-social behaviour and violent crime. This is a constant drain on police and NHS resources. With date rape drugs being used against both sexes and reported incidents on the increase, we offer a range of...

  • Sick Bags

    Sick Bags

    These Sick Bags are ideal for alcohol awareness campaigns and street pastor patrols. 2 easy to seal Sick Bags are conveniently packed with one pair of disposable gloves. Can be purchased individually or as part of a pack. 

  • Digital Breathalyser

    Digital Breathalyser

    This Digital Breathalyser is operated by a single button which gives clear tonal guides to assist users as they blow into the unit. The unit will beep twice when an adequate sample has been given and then calculates and displays the measured blood...

  • Space Blanket Space Blanket

    Space Blanket

    The Space Blanket is a cost effective device that can help reduce A & E admissions due to alcohol related hypothermia. Lightweight and compact, the Space Blanket can be easily deployed and used to retain 90% body heat. Popular item used in alcohol...

  • Lollipops Lollipops


    Research shows that increasing blood sugar helps reduce aggressive behaviour and violence. Using a lollipop can distract and keep drinkers quiet which also helps to reduce anti-social noise levels. Other sweet options available, speak to a member of our...

  • Flip Flops

    Flip Flops

    Flip Flops have been a popular giveaway item to help lower alcohol related admissions to A & E as well as reduce attendance by emergency services. Box of 60 pairs will contain 40 pairs of Large and 20 pairs of Medium Flip Flops.

  • Disposable Poncho

    Disposable Poncho

    The single use Disposable Poncho are a great addition to a bespoke Alcohol Awareness Pack. The Disposable Poncho can be purchased individually or as part of a pack. • Disposable poncho with hood• Made from lightweight material • Small...