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Personal Alarms

  • Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch

    Essentials Personal Alarm with Torch

    A cost-effective yet powerful personal attack alarm that is activated by key ring, with a bright with LED.  • 110dBs siren • Ultra bright white LED torch function• Key ring activation • Colour: Black

  • Essentials Squeeze Alarm

    Essentials Squeeze Alarm

    The Essentials Squeeze Alarm is a squeeze activated personal alarm, with a built in LED torch.  • 120dBs siren• Built in LED torch• Simple push and hold activation• Colour: Black

  • Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm

    Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm

    The Essentials Strobe Personal Alarm is a pin activated personal alarm that can be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   • 140dBs siren  • Ripcord activation • Comes with a belt/bag...

  • Defender Cooper Torch

    The Defender Cooper is a compact and attractive alarm that fits comfortably in your palm or on a set of keys ensuring it is always at hand. Independent ultra bright white LED torch function 130dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring...

  • Defender Slimline

    Defender Slimline

    Cost effective alarm with an attractive pendant design, bright LED torch in a choice of colour. Ideal for branding with your organisation's logo and message. Independent bright white LED torch function 130dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring...

  • Defender Mini All Purpose

    Defender Mini All Purpose

    This small but powerful alarm can be easily deployed for use in various applications. LED torch and panic button Bag attachment Belt clip for added convenience 130dBs siren Traditional ripcord or key ring activation Available in Yellow or Black

  • Defender IIIT

    Defender IIIT

    As well as a personal alarm, the IIIT can also be used as a panic alarm with a high intensity strobe light.   High intensity strobe light Torch function 143dBs siren Ripcord activation Comes with belt/bag attachment Comes with bracket for...

  • Heart Alarm

    The Defender Heart is a compact, charm style design in vibrant red which encourages people of all ages to carry on a regular basis. Popular alarm, can be own branded.    Test button 130dBs siren Key ring activation

  • Defender Minimax

    Despite its small and compact design, the Defender Minimax has an impressive siren when activated. High quality alarm which offers simplicity and reliability. Small and stylish design to encourage everyday use 130dBs siren Key ring...

  • Defender MKA

    Defender MKA

    Popular alarm used in large personal safety campaigns because of its great value and versatility in branding.  Test button 128dBs siren Key ring activation Available in Black or Silver

  • Defender MKA Torch

    Defender MKA Torch

    The MKA Torch is a reliable dual purpose alarm. It can be used as a personal alarm and also as a torch. Excellent value and versatile branding options make it one of the most popular alarms on the market. LED or UV torch options available 128dBs...

  • Football Alarm

    Football Alarm

    The Defender Football alarm's unique design means it poses as a regular accessory for a set of keys or a bag, with its true function as a powerful alarm kept discrete. Small alarm (35mm height, 110mm circumference) 125dBs siren Key ring...

  • Panda Alarm

    Panda Alarm

    The Defender Panda is designed to help increase personal safety. The alarm has a powerful 130dBs siren and also features a handy torch function.  Light up eyes 130dBs siren Key ring activation Popular among schools and universities

  • Wrist Alarm

    Wrist Alarm

    Convenient "one size fits all" wrist strap with a heavy duty velcro fastener. Popular alarm for visually impaired, joggers and cyclists Powerful 132dBs siren Top button activation and underside button to silence