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Property Marking & Fraud Prevention

  • Handheld Weapon Detector

    Handheld Weapon Detector

    Easy operation scanner for detecting weapons and other dangerous items of metal. Perfect for use at events and nightclubs, with sound, vibrations and LED activation. 9V battery included. 

  • Fraud Prevention Pack

    Fraud Prevention Pack

    This pack offers individual protection to prevent doorstep, cyber and identity fraud.  Pack includes: • 2 x 'Think Scams' Stickers • 2 x Card Defenders• 1 x ID Card Magnifier • 1 x Webcam Cover

  • Card Defender Diamond Card Defender Diamond

    Card Defender Diamond

    The Card Defender Diamond is a credit card sized RFID blocking card that prevents sensitive information being skimmed. The Card Defender Diamond has achieved Police Preferred Specification which proves its quality. With a large branding area, this...

  • Webcam Covers

    Webcam Covers

    The Webcam Cover is to ensure privacy and added security, suitable for a variety of devices. An easy solution that provides convenient access to open and close, with an adhesive backing. The sliding cover can be tailored to any brand logo, a great...

  • Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification

    Card Defender with Police Preferred Specification

    As contactless cards are becoming more common, keep credit cards in the UK's favourite RFID blocker - the Card Defender to prevent card skimming.  The Card Defender combats card skimming by using RFID blocking technology to prevent sensitive...

  • Deluxe Marking Kit

    Deluxe Marking Kit

    A comprehensive pack designed to ensure property is well marked. • 1 x Record Card• 1 x UV Marker Pen• 8 x Clear Laminate Labels• 6 x All Weather Warning Labels • 2 x Mobile Phone Labels• 2 x Cycle Wrap Arounds• 2 x...

  • Property Marking Kit

    Property Marking Kit

    Kit includes: • Permanent UV Marker Pen • A set of Laminate Labels • A set of highly durable Warning Stickers • Instructions and a marked property Record Card • Packed in a Clip Close Bag

  • CREMARK Tool Marking Kit

    CREMARK Tool Marking Kit

    A system which permanently marks property using a permanent marker pen that gets sealed with a coat of quick drying protective lacquer.   Each kit will mark 30 items of tools.

  • CREMARK Bike Marking Kit

    CREMARK Bike Marking Kit

    The CREMARK Bike Marking Kit will permanently mark bikes using a silver or black permanent marker pen and can then be sealed with a coat of quick drying protective lacquer. One kit can be used on up to 30 bikes. 

  • Anti-Fraud Screen Cloth

    Anti-Fraud Screen Cloth

    As online fraud is becoming more prevalent the Anti-Fraud Screen Cloth is a great way to ensure that your safety message has maximum impact. Suitable for use on mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

  • Permanent UV Marker Pen

    Permanent UV Marker Pen

    Encourage users to permanently mark property and make valuables easy to identify under UV light. We also have a thick 4mm pen ideal for boilers and metal. Also available is a Dual UV Marker Pen (UV and Permanent Black Ink).

  • Property Marking Stickers/Signs

    Property Marking Stickers/Signs

    We have a range of stickers and signs which are designed to provide a warning to thieves that property is marked. They can also act as a reminder to home owners to keep their valuables marked. The Clear Laminate Labels are used to cover any UV markings...