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Purse & Bag Dipping

  • Purse/Bag Alarms

    Purse/Bag Alarms

    Our Purse/Bag alarm is an excellent product that provides protections against bag snatching and pickpocketing. Our bag alarm is designed to alert the user if their purse or bag is taken and will set off a loud 110dBs siren causing the thief to drop the...

  • Purse/Bag Dipping Pack

    Purse/Bag Dipping Pack

    This pack has a great selection of products designed to prevent opportunist thieves from dipping/snatching bags and purses.Typical pack comes packed in a clip close bag and includes a Defender Carabiner Hook, Defender Purse/Bag Cable, a Defender Mini...

  • Secure Shopper Pack

    Secure Shopper Pack

    The Secure Shopper Pack contains 2 Card Defender (RFID blocker) that protects contactless cards from being skimmed. Pack also includes a Purse Bell and a Defender Purse/Bag Cable.  The Secure Shopper Pack helps raise awareness of credit card...

  • Secret Pocket Secret Pocket

    Secret Pocket

    This handy wallet is designed to be worn around the neck under jackets or clothing to ensure valuables are kept safe. It has a zipped compartment and a clear plastic window on the front, enabling users to see the contents quickly. Ideal for commuters,...

  • Phone Security Cables Phone Security Cables

    Phone Security Cables

    The Phone Security Cable is a great way to deter phone theft. The rubber strap wraps around your phone and can then be clipped to clothing or bags. Once secure, the Phone Security Cable prevents the phone from falling or being stolen. The Phone Security...

  • Purse/Bag Cable Purse/Bag Cable

    Purse/Bag Cable

    Designed to prevent bag dipping by securing valuable items to bags or clothing. In the event of an attempted theft, the gradual tensioning system will allow the cable to extend 10 times its original length. This means the victim will be less likely to be...

  • Bag Hanger Bag Hanger

    Bag Hanger

    Bag hangers are a great way to reduce bag snatching in public places. The Bag Hanger can be used on a table or counter, it neatly packs away so it can always be kept close at hand.  A branded sticker can be applied.

  • Purse Dipping Bells

    Purse Dipping Bells

    Product Details Our hugely popular Purse Dipping Bells are a simple, low cost item for keeping valuables secure, whilst also raising awareness on pickpocketing and bag dipping. The pair of bells hang from a G-clip that can be attached to...

  • Carabiner Hook Carabiner Hook

    Carabiner Hook

    Keep rucksacks, backpacks and handbags secure by attaching the zip to either another zip or a fixed point such as a handle loop with this useful device. Simple yet effective method to deter thieves. • Easy to use• Quick to attach and...