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Road Safety

  • BriteAngle


    The highest quality warning triangle, crafted with high-intensity LED lights, suitable for all road users. This warning triangle does not leave safety to chance, its LED powered lights are visible from up to 300m away, during the day and night. The...

  • HD BikeCam with Light

    HD BikeCam with Light

    These innovative HD camera/light units clip easily onto a bike and record footage to an SD card/smart phone. Captures 1080p video and stills include night vision. Supplied with a handlebar remote control for front and rear cameras. Footage from impact or...

  • Hi-Vis Flashing Velcro Clip

    Hi-Vis Flashing Velcro Clip

    An extremely useful and versatile road safety accessory, this hi-vis clip uses velcro to fix itself to virtually any clothing or accessories.  The clip contains four bright red LEDs that can be set to On, Flashing and Off with the push of a button...

  • Hi-Vis Kids Pack

    Hi-Vis Kids Pack

    This 9 piece Hi-Vis Kids Pack is a convenient and cost effective collection of road safety accessories for children.  Pack contains: • 1 x Hi-Vis Slapband• 2 x Hi-Vis Key Rings • 6 x Hi-Vis Stickers 

  • Hi-Vis Velcro Reflective Band

    Hi-Vis Velcro Reflective Band

    A one size fits all road safety solution, this hi-vis band can be fixed to either arms or legs utilising the durable velcro strapping.  The hi-vis colour is complimented by a continuous reflective strip, ensuring the wearer is visible both day and...

  • Reflective LED Strap

    Reflective LED Strap

    A fully adjustable, multi-use strap containing a bright red LED. Can be affixed to a variety of clothing or bags and held securely in place with the clip.  The strap can be set to On, Flashing or Off by simply pressing the contained button...

  • Reflective Safety Belt

    Reflective Safety Belt

    A fully adjustable hi-vis belt with a continuous reflective strip, ensuring visibility during both day and night.  The belt is attached around the wearer with a secure clip and can even be used to secure loose items during journeys. 

  • Reflective Slapband wth Flashing LED

    Reflective Slapband wth Flashing LED

    The Reflective Slapband with Flashing LED is an easy to use road safety product to help improve visibility on the roads. The slapband can be used with or without the LED attachment. The red LED clips easily on/off the and is activated with a simple...

  • Reflective Wheel Spokies

    Reflective Wheel Spokies

    An ideal giveaway item, these bright orange and yellow accessories affix easily to the spokes of a bike wheel. The vivid colours and reflective material make them an extremely useful tool for enhancing visibility for riders of all ages.

  • Solon Mini USB Bike Light Set

    Solon Mini USB Bike Light Set

    High quality front and rear bike light set, featuring a 180 lumen USB rechargeable front and a battery powered rear circular. The set contains one white LED light at the front and one red LED light for the rear (30 lumens). Up to 6 hours operation time...

  • Solon Pro USB Bike Light Set

    Solon Pro USB Bike Light Set

    Fully USB rechargeable front and rear bike light set, featuring a front innovative 'dipped beam' to refrain from dazzling other road users. The front light has 3 modes of operation and features a low battery LED indicator. The rear light has 4 modes...

  • Hi-Vis Side Impact Reduction Stickers

    These stickers were created to help make cyclists more visible on the roads and reduce side impact collisions. The hi-vis stickers are highly reflective and are designed to be used on bicycle wheels and bike frames to improve visibility.  Ideal for...

  • Playing Cards

    Playing Cards

    This fantastic educational tool can support any campaign in a fun and informative way with your own road safety messages. The playing cards can include any message or image that you need. The cards can also be used as a 'Play Your Card's Right' style...

  • Round Reflector

    Reflectors are ideal for use on bikes, rucksacks and coats, with a large reflective body and simple chain attachment. We have a range of reflectors available, please call to discuss your needs.    The reflector meets BS EN13356.

  • Valve LED Lights (Set of 2)

    Valve LED Lights (Set of 2)

    The Valve LED Lights are a small but effective way of adding additional visibility to cyclists on the roads at night. The lights are easy to install, simply insert into the valve on the bike tyre. They operate on vibration so as the bike wheel rotates...

  • Don't Text & Drive Pack

    Pack includes: • Air Freshener - Don't Text and Drive • Adloop - Save a Life - Don't Text and Drive • Vehicle Bumper Sticker - Don't Text and Drive • 2 x 30mm Badge - Don't Text and Drive • Vehicle Window Cling - Don't Text and...

  • Safe Travel Playing Cards

    Safe Travel Playing Cards

    We have developed these playing cards to help promote safer travel. Each suit has been used to highlight risk factors for pedestrians, bus users, passengers and cyclists. A creative way to educate about the risks to all road users. 

  • Teddy Reflector

    Reflectors are ideal for use on bikes, rucksacks and coats, with a large reflective body and simple chain attachment. We have a range of reflectors available, please call to discuss your needs. 

  • Bike Light Set

    Bike Light Set

    The Bike Light Set is a front and rear operating light, with a bright LED light at the front and bright red LED light at the rear. The front light is also a removable torch which may be an invaluable tool in case of emergency. The front light can be set...

  • Child Road Safety Packs

    Pack includes: • Child Hi-Vis Vest • Hi-Vis Vest Key Ring • Smiley Stickers • Flashing Armband • Packed in a Standard Clip Close Bag

  • Cycle Safety Playing Cards

    Cycle Safety Playing Cards

    These playing cards have been specifically designed to help promote cycle safety and helps to educate cyclists in a fun and engaging way.  Own branding options available. 

  • Flashing Reflector

    The Flashing Reflector is a small, flashing red safety light with a reflective design and clip attachment. It is designed to be used as an accessory on clothing or bags to improve visibility. Easy push button operation activates a steady flashing red...

  • Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Drug driving arrests have soared over the past few years, with drugs drivers being as likely to be convicted as drunk drivers. We have created a range or Anti Drug driving products to help educate and raise awareness of this problem with the intention of...

  • Hi-Vis Vest Key Ring

    The Hi-Vis Vest Key Ring is a great, low cost giveaway item that can be branded. It has a reliable and strong g clip that can be used on to attach it to key rings, bags or zips to provide an extra reflective and hi-vis accessory. Frequently used in road...

  • Defender Mini Wind Up Torch

    Defender Mini Wind Up Torch

    The Defender Mini Wind Up Torch provides an ultra bright LED light in an attractive and compact design. Ideal for any situation as it's powered by hand rather than batteries so it will always be dependable.  Rotating the handle for one minute will...

  • Don't Text & Drive!

    We have a variety of products available already printed with 'Don't Text and Drive'. We also have a pre-packed Don't Text and Drive Pack which makes a great giveaway item.

  • Smiley Stickers - Mixed Colours

    Low cost, fun giveaway item to encourage users to 'Be Safe, Be Seen' whilst walking, jogging or cycling.  Mixed hi-vis/reflective colours of green, pink, yellow and orange. 

  • Solon Mini LED Bike Light Set

    Solon Mini LED Bike Light Set

    The Defender Mini Bike Light Set is easy to install on bikes and provides essential visibility on the roads. The set contains one white LED light and one red LED light. The lights have three modes of operation: off, on and flashing. 

  • Anti-Drug Driving Key Ring

    As new laws are introduced to help keep dangerous drivers off the road, it's important to reinforce safe driving procedures. Subtle reminders can often make a big impact. We have developed a Anti Drug Driving Key Ring so that it can be used as an...

  • Emergency Life Hammer

    Emergency Life Hammer

    The Emergency Hammers hardened carbon steel striking point will break through most materials such as double glazing, laminated or toughened glass enabling users to break free. Dual purpose hammer and seat belt cutter. The hammer is lightweight and has a...

  • Metal Trouser Clip

    Metal Trouser Clip

    These easy to use Metal Trouser Clips are reflective and help provide additional visibility on the roads at night and in low light conditions. • Comes as a pair• Reflective material• Easy to use

  • Be Bright, Be Seen Wristband

    This a great giveaway item that comes branded with Be Bright Be Seen. Ideal for use during road safety campaigns to help promote visibility. • One size fits all • Reinforces road safety message• Suitable for all ages

  • Ice Scraper

    An Ice Scraper is an ideal giveaway item to prevent driving with a frosted windscreen and raise awareness of opportunistic thieves. The Ice Scraper can be printed with your name, logo and personal safety message. 

  • Glow Band

    Silicone Glow in the Dark Bands are an effective, stylish way to display promotional messages and encourage users to stay visible on the road at night. Available in a range of colours, sizes and printing methods. 

  • Hi-Vis Slap Bands

    Slap Wristbands are a durable and fun option for promoting campaign awareness. Slap Wristbands automatically adjust to comfortably fit wrists, arms and ankles. 

  • Hi-Vis Vests

    Hi-Vis Vests are a great way to ensure joggers, walkers and cyclists are clearly seen. Our standard range comes in bright yellow with silver reflective straps. The horizontal shaping of the straps leaves the shoulders and chest uncovered, making them...

  • Hi-Vis Rucksack Cover

    Hi-Vis Rucksack Cover

    Ideal for walkers and cyclists, this weatherproof Hi-Vis Rucksack Cover is great to keep bags covered from the elements and also keep people safe and visible on the roads. Available unbranded or with the message 'Be Safe, Be Seen'. 

  • Multi-Function Headwear

    Multi-Function Headwear

    The Multi-Function Headwear protects against cold, wind and snow and can be used in multiple ways. Can be used as: neck warmer, hair band, headband, balaclava, scarf, hair cap and beanie. Ideal for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. 

  • Hi-Vis Drawstring Bag

    Hi-Vis Drawstring Bag

    Our popular Hi-Vis Drawstring Bag is an ideal giveaway item which can be used time and time again whilst walking, jogging or cycling. The bag can also be used to pack other giveaways to make a Road Safety Pack. 

  • Flashing Armband

    Flashing Armband

    This fantastic product is not only hi-vis but also has 4 bright red LEDs, helping to ensure the user is well seen on the road at night. Velcro straps make the band easy to secure around arms, ankles, bags or clothing. 

  • Magnetic Bag Clip

    Magnetic Bag Clip

    The Magnetic Bag Clip is a great hi-vis accessory to help remain as visible as possible on dark roads. Ideal to clasp around bag straps, clothing loops and handles and can be used time and time again for various situations.