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Road Safety

  • Hi-Vis Slap Bands

    Slap Wristbands are a durable and fun option for promoting campaign awareness. Slap Wristbands automatically adjust to comfortably fit wrists, arms and ankles. 

  • Hi-Vis Vests

    Hi-Vis Vests are a great way to ensure joggers, walkers and cyclists are clearly seen. Our standard range comes in bright yellow with silver reflective straps. The horizontal shaping of the straps leaves the shoulders and chest uncovered, making them...

  • Hi-Vis Rucksack Cover

    Hi-Vis Rucksack Cover

    Ideal for walkers and cyclists, this weatherproof Hi-Vis Rucksack Cover is great to keep bags covered from the elements and also keep people safe and visible on the roads. Available unbranded or with the message 'Be Safe, Be Seen'. 

  • Multi-Function Headwear

    Multi-Function Headwear

    The Multi-Function Headwear protects against cold, wind and snow and can be used in multiple ways. Can be used as: neck warmer, hair band, headband, balaclava, scarf, hair cap and beanie. Ideal for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. 

  • Hi-Vis Drawstring Bag

    Hi-Vis Drawstring Bag

    Our popular Hi-Vis Drawstring Bag is an ideal giveaway item which can be used time and time again whilst walking, jogging or cycling. The bag can also be used to pack other giveaways to make a Road Safety Pack. 

  • Flashing Armband

    Flashing Armband

    This fantastic product is not only hi-vis but also has 4 bright red LEDs, helping to ensure the user is well seen on the road at night. Velcro straps make the band easy to secure around arms, ankles, bags or clothing. 

  • Magnetic Bag Clip

    Magnetic Bag Clip

    The Magnetic Bag Clip is a great hi-vis accessory to help remain as visible as possible on dark roads. Ideal to clasp around bag straps, clothing loops and handles and can be used time and time again for various situations.