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Bike Products

  • HD BikeCam with Light

    HD BikeCam with Light

    These innovative HD camera/light units clip easily onto a bike and record footage to an SD card/smart phone. Captures 1080p video and stills include night vision. Supplied with a handlebar remote control for front and rear cameras. Footage from impact or...

  • Reflective Wheel Spokies

    Reflective Wheel Spokies

    An ideal giveaway item, these bright orange and yellow accessories affix easily to the spokes of a bike wheel. The vivid colours and reflective material make them an extremely useful tool for enhancing visibility for riders of all ages.

  • Hi-Vis Side Impact Reduction Stickers

    These stickers were created to help make cyclists more visible on the roads and reduce side impact collisions. The hi-vis stickers are highly reflective and are designed to be used on bicycle wheels and bike frames to improve visibility.  Ideal for...