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Packs & Vehicle Products

  • BriteAngle BriteAngle


    The highest quality warning triangle, crafted with high-intensity LED lights, suitable for all road users. This warning triangle does not leave safety to chance, its LED powered lights are visible from up to 300m away, during the day and night. The...

  • Child Road Safety Packs

    Child Road Safety Packs

    Pack includes: • Child Hi-Vis Vest • Hi-Vis Vest Key Ring • Smiley Stickers • Flashing Armband • Packed in a Standard Clip Close Bag

  • Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Anti-Drug Driving Air Fresheners

    Drug driving arrests have soared over the past few years, with drugs drivers being as likely to be convicted as drunk drivers. We have created a range or Anti Drug driving products to help educate and raise awareness of this problem with the intention of...

  • Defender Mini Wind Up Torch Defender Mini Wind Up Torch

    Defender Mini Wind Up Torch

    The Defender Mini Wind Up Torch provides an ultra bright LED light in an attractive and compact design. Ideal for any situation as it's powered by hand rather than batteries so it will always be dependable.  Rotating the handle for one minute will...

  • Don't Text & Drive!

    Don't Text & Drive!

    We have a variety of products available already printed with 'Don't Text and Drive'. We also have a pre-packed Don't Text and Drive Pack which makes a great giveaway item.

  • Emergency Life Hammer Emergency Life Hammer

    Emergency Life Hammer

    The Emergency Hammers hardened carbon steel striking point will break through most materials such as double glazing, laminated or toughened glass enabling users to break free. Dual purpose hammer and seat belt cutter. The hammer is lightweight and has a...

  • Anti-Drug Driving Key Ring

    Anti-Drug Driving Key Ring

    As new laws are introduced to help keep dangerous drivers off the road, it's important to reinforce safe driving procedures. Subtle reminders can often make a big impact. We have developed a Anti Drug Driving Key Ring so that it can be used as an...

  • Ice Scraper

    Ice Scraper

    An Ice Scraper is an ideal giveaway item to prevent driving with a frosted windscreen and raise awareness of opportunistic thieves. The Ice Scraper can be printed with your name, logo and personal safety message.